If you are wondering what is TOEFL? Here we go! TOEFL is one of the most recommended exams you need to pass to demonstrate your English skills. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL exam score is required at the time when you want to pursue your education in the US, Canadian, and other foreign universities. The TOEFL test's main objective is to measure the English language understanding of the students in written, oral, and communication levels.

Education Testing Services - ETS is the regulatory and conducting body of the TOEFL exam and sends exam scores to individual students. The students dreaming of pursuing studies overseas can apply for multiple TOEFL exam dates that are conducted around the year.

Who Should Appear for the Exam

You can appear for the exam through various exam test centers across various cities in India. You can even appear for the exam online from your home. The exam is usually taken by the students who want to study abroad. The TOEFL exam also makes students eligible for many foreign universities' scholarship programs for international students. Moreover, it helps students and professionals looking for employment abroad and aids in the visa process.

It is one of the most recognized exams, which is accepted in 11,000 global universities, including universities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the UK, Asia, and Europe. The TOEFL exam scores are sent to the US and Canadian universities than any other English language exams combined together, making it a most preferred exam for the students opting to study in foreign universities. In the same way, it is the most preferred exam in countries like - Germany. France, US, and Canadian Universities than other English tests.

"Education Testing Services," the TOEFL exam's conducting body, make sure that the scores are produced in a fair and unbiased way, which makes it one of the most authentic language tests for study and employment abroad.

Registration for TOEFL Exam

You can register for the TOEFL exam at any time during the day and week. You can register yourself for the exam by applying methods like - online registration, via phone, or sending mail to an authorized individual. If you want to appear for an exam, always keep in mind that the online registration ends seven days before the exam and late registration ends four days before the exam with a late fee of $40. The Indian students who want to take the TOEFL exam need to pay $185 as registration fees.

TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL Syllabus: The exam syllabus includes analyzing the reading, writing, listening, and speaking English language skills of the students. The entire exam is divided into these main formats:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Speaking Section
  • Writing Section

You can prepare TOEFL exam yourself or can take the help of the TOEFL coaching institute. There are many institutes that provide the best TOEFL coaching in India, and they can offer you the TOEFL online coaching or face-to-face TOEFL coaching.

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