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Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in New Zealand

Indian students find New Zealand an appealing study-abroad location because of the country's high-quality education system, low living expenses, and friendly culture. Many financial aid opportunities are available to students from India who wants to study in New Zealand. The government of New Zealand, individual schools, other countries' governments, and commercial organizations contribute to these scholarship programmes. Indian students may take advantage of New Zealand's top-notch higher education system and expand their horizons by using these scholarship opportunities. Students may apply for study in New Zealand scholarships by visiting the websites of the organizations offering them or by downloading application forms.

Scholarship Opportunities in New Zealand

The government, educational institutions, and other funding sources in New Zealand provide several scholarship options for overseas students, including those from India, to pursue higher education in various fields.

Some of the most popular scholarships for Indian students to study in New Zealand include:

. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

Individuals from certain poor Commonwealth nations may apply for the New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship to fund their graduate education in New Zealand. This scholarship is one of the best opportunities for Indian students to study in New Zealand, and it goes to individuals who have shown academic excellence and who will make significant contributions to India upon completion of their education.

. New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

Scholarships are available via the New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) programme for students from India to pursue undergraduate or graduate education in New Zealand in sectors including business, fashion, and STEM. The programme receives funding from both the institutions in New Zealand and Education New Zealand (ENZ). There are 28 graduate-level awards and 3 undergraduate awards available this year. All accepted graduate students will earn NZ$ 10,000, while all accepted undergraduates will get NZ$ 5,000. Applicants must be Indian citizens, have completed at least one year of college, and have a grade point average (GPA) equal to at least a B+ in their most recent or highest level of college.

. SEG Scholarship

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Scholarship supports students pursuing degrees in geophysics and allied geosciences at top institutions in New Zealand. The annual merit-based awards vary from $500 (INR 41,000) to $10,000 (INR 8.2 Lakh). Students should use the supplied cash for educational expenses such as tuition, books, and fees. Scholarships from the SEG are given to international students studying in New Zealand.

. Palmerston North City Mayor’s Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship

Palmerston North's City Council is behind the campaign to attract overseas students by highlighting the city's many positive attributes. It's available to students at all levels of education, from vocational and undergraduate to graduate programmes. The scholarship is worth New Zealand Dollars $1,000, which may be used to the first year of school.

. NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship

One of the most sought-after scholarship opportunities in New Zealand is the NZ-GRADS programme, which was recently introduced by the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions. It, if you're ready to finish your PhD in science and you're from a poor nation, you may do it for free in New Zealand. Students from impoverished nations who are studying science are eligible for the NZ-GRADS scholarship, which funds their doctoral studies at a New Zealand institution.

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. A C Rayner Memorial Scholarship

Lincoln University provides financial support for the A C Rayner Memorial Scholarship for incoming first-year students and outstanding foreign students at its New Zealand campus. Scholarships are available to students from New Zealand and other countries that are enrolling in a graduate programme at Lincoln University. The successful applicant will get a one-time payment of New Zealand Dollars 1,200 (Indian Rupees 60,000).

. The Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship

The University of Canterbury provides funding for the Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship. Scholarships are available to first-year students at the University of Canterbury who are citizens of Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste, or Vietnam, or who hold a Permanent Identity Card from Hong Kong. Students who pay full tuition are eligible for this New Zealand scholarship, which lasts for one year and awards a stipend of up to NZ$15,000 (INR 7.61 Lakh).

. Bayer Boost Environmental Scholarship Scheme

Bayer New Zealand supports an annual environmental scholarship programme called BayerBoost. It provides funding for environmental science research while giving high school and college student’s practical experience in the field. The programme is run by the Royal Society of New Zealand and seeks to promote environmental research and advocacy. Students between the ages of 12 and 13 as well as first-year college students from New Zealand or those who fulfil certain residence or citizenship requirements are eligible to apply.

. New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship (NZIDRS)

In New Zealand, education is supported by the state. Scholarships for international doctoral students are administered by New Zealand (NZIDRS). All tuition, fees, and living costs for a three-year PhD programme are paid for by these merit-based scholarships. The New Zealand government gives an annual living stipend of NZD 25,000, health insurance, conference and field research travel, textbook and thesis allowances to aid with the expenses of relocating to New Zealand for the NZIDRS.

Eligibility Criteria for scholarship to study in New Zealand for Indian students

The eligibility criteria to get scholarship in New Zealand to study have been mentioned below.

  • One's academic performance will be evaluated to determine eligibility for a scholarship.
  • Additionally, they need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a New Zealand Government Scholarship.
  • Applicants need to fill out an application and submit all necessary materials before they may be considered for an interview.
  • A student visa application may be submitted after acceptance and acceptance of an offer to study abroad.
Application Process for how to get scholarship to study in New Zealand

Scholarships in New Zealand have varying requirements for applying. Common application requirements include a completed application form, transcripts, reference letters, and a personal statement of purpose (SOP).

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