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Business Associates for Study Overseas Help

Study Overseas Help is an educational consultancy service, by definition. But we at Study Overseas Help do not restrict ourselves to just being study overseas consultants. We not only help students in securing admission in top universities in the best places of the world, but we also guide the students through every step of this process until they are successfully settled in their new lives as international students. This is what distinguishes us from the rest- our commitment and our promise.

And part of that commitment and promise is to look after students and provide them with the best possible opportunities they can have every step of the way. Towards this goal, we are looking for Business Associates who share the same vision, the same focus and the same committments as us, that is, helping students achieve their goals and become successful professionals in whatever field they chose.

It is keeping in mind this sacred promise and focus that we are offering the proposal for overseas education service providers to work mutually for institutions represented by Study Overseas Help. We at Study Overseas Help pride ourselves in the fact that we are tied-up with more than 1100 top universities offering over 62000 courses in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our counselors are among the best in the field and our commitment is honest. And how have we set ourselves to achieve that commitment? By helping the potential international student, find the best university, the best course and the best place for stay during their studies. And we hope to keep the promise of delivering the best consultancy services to cater to all their needs. We hope to provide the best opportunities to the students who go for studies to other countries. And this we do by guiding them every step of the way, from the preparation of documents to securing visas for their studies.

So, what we are looking for in our potential business associates is one simple commitment- to share our vision and our focus. In return, we are offering-

  • Diverse Options - Representations across a number of countries will provide our Business Associates a number of options to offer to their students. Your students will have more options to choose from, and they can avail better facilities at whatever option they finally settle for.
  • Professional Advice - Our world class counselors will provide the best advice and counseling to you, and you can share this information with your students too.
  • Tie-ups - Thousands of options for study programs to choose from in a number of countries- ours is a extensive network that is matched by no other in the market today.
  • Resources - We provide learning resources like Skype training, E-learning Webinars, Knowledge Sharing Meets, Presentations and ample learning material to help Business Associates better their reach as well as their profits.
  • Comprehesive Services - Assistance at each step of the way provides students with a complete experience and a one-stop shop for all the services they require.
  • Revenue - A better reach will translate to an increased revenue.

Now that we have listed the benefits for choosing to partner with us, let nothing stop you from contacting us for a Business Associate position. And the process is simple too. All you need to do is sign up for the Business Associate program with us and our team will ensures your successful onboarding by providing the learning resources and necessary training. Once that is done, you can start recruiting students and we will screen, apply for, process their applications and complete other formalities with the universities, while our admissions team will assist you with the admission process and visa applications.

After the successful enrollment of your student in the universities, you can share the profits with us. Meanwhile, you also get to promote yourself and your name. It is a win-win for all!

But remember, it is not all about profits and money. For us, it is much more than that- we want our students to be happy and successful, wherever they go. Because after all, we are dealing with the dreams of a student. Who does not dream of getting an education abroad? There are some of the most advanced and prestigious universities in these countries, which can train these students like no one else can; they get to see some of the most stunning places on this planet; they get to meet new people and make new friends; they get to expand their network which helps them in their career; and they also add something that few people have to their resumes- a stamp of confidence. There are so many benefits of getting to study overseas, and all of these are what we want to help our Business Assiciates share with us.

Going abroad for studies is therefore an opportunity of a lifetime. But theses places are also highly competitive, so getting admitted to these universities requires hard work, diligence, a bit of luck and also some know-how of the formalities and nuances involved in all the processes. This is where we at Study Overseas Help are looking to partner with Associates, so as to provide the best possible services to the students, to the dreamers!

So visit our website and contact us for any more queries that you may have, and share this dream with us, become a part of this journey with us!