If you want to know what is SAT? Here we are for your help with SAT exam! The SAT is the college board's standardized exam for international students to pursue undergraduate programs abroad. Many colleges and universities overseas need SAT exam scores in their admission process. The SAT test score is the essential component of your admission application.

The SAT is known as the "Scholastic Assessment Test," an entrance exam used by colleges to make international students' admission decisions. Earlier, the exam was known as the "Scholastic Aptitude Test." The objective behind conducting SAT exam to analyze the school student's readiness for college and provide the common data point to colleges to compare the students.

SAT Syllabus

The SAT format is "Multiple Choice Questions" MCQs, which you can take with paper and pencil, and the school board will analyze, create and conduct the exam. The two main sections of the SAT are:

  • Mathematics
  • Evidence-based reading & writing
  • Essay section (Optional)

Who Should Take the SAT Test

Many colleges and universities abroad accept either SAT or ACT scores and don't give weightage to one test over another. It is advisable to appear for both the tests; the changes made in 2016 made it easier for them to prepare for both the test simultaneously and get good scores in each test.

You can also decide whether you opt to take both the tests or only any one of them by giving practice time-based tests of each type. The format and pattern of both the tests are almost similar, so giving a practice test will make you understand which test is best suitable for you.

SAT Registration

The essay scores are reported separately from the main SAT scores. It is advisable to go through the college policies before taking the SAT, as some of them may require you to complete the essay section.

The total duration of the test is 3 hours; if you have opted for the essay section, the overall duration will be 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Every section of the test is scored on a scale of 200 to 800 points, and the overall SAT score is the sum of the score of all the sections. The test's highest score can be 1600 points; if you have opted for the essay section, a separate score is generated.

You can register for the exam in the following way:

  • Browse the college's official website and create your account.
  • Provide personal details after creating an account.
  • Create your student's profile.
  • Select for test date and center and upload your required photographer.
  • You can pay the SAT exam fee online by credit/debit cards or PayPal.

SAT Exam Eligibility

  • To appear for the exam, there no minimum or maximum age to appear for the SAT.
  • The students who appear for the SAT exam want to take admission in undergraduate programs abroad.
  • Usually the high-school students between 17-18 years of age appear for the exam.

SAT Prep

You can prepare for the SAT independently or opt for SAT coaching from a reputed institute; there are many best SAT coaching institutes in India. You can also go for the SAT online coaching, whatever will be your choice, just offer yourself sincere preparation time and crack the exam.

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