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MBA in Ireland for Indian Students

Several nations are offering top-notch MBA programs in the world. One of those nations is Ireland. Ireland, also known as the "Land of Saints and Scholars," has a dynamic economy and annually welcomes thousands of foreign students to enroll in its esteemed master's programs. Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in Ireland provide students with the foundational business and management knowledge and expertise necessary to assume leadership roles in various industries. An MBA in Ireland gives students the knowledge and skills to become effective business leaders and managers in various organisations. Ireland is home to several top-tier business schools and multinational corporations such as Facebook, Pfizer, Intel, Huawei, Twitter, and Citi, others, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an MBA.

Highlights of MBA in Ireland
Number of MBA Colleges in Ireland Approximately 5+ MBA Colleges
Top specialisations in MBA Courses Supply chain management, General Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting and Business Analytics, Human Resource, International Business
Living costs in Ireland Approximately INR 5 Lakhs
Cost of MBA in Ireland Approximately INR 15 Lakhs
Course session type Semester-based
Course type Full time/Distance Learning
Course level Post-Graduate
Course Duration 1-2 years
Admission Process Bachelor’s Degree + GMAT/GRE scores + IELTS/TOEFL score + Statement of Purpose (SOP) + Letter of Recommendation (LOR) + resume + work experience
Average Annual Salary INR 58- 72 lakhs per annum
Top recruiting companies Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft,, Smartling, Genesis, Genesis, Intel, Twitter, Redhat, Apple, SAP, Deloitte, Citco, etc.
Advantages of Pursuing MBA from the Ireland

Ireland has a long history of being a renowned hub of education and learning in Europe. It has produced many well-known academics and intellectuals. Therefore, the nation is regarded as one of the most popular places to pursue higher education. Ireland has several publicly financed universities offering top-notch degree programs. You should think about taking an MBA in Ireland for the following reasons:

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. Shorter course duration

Irish MBA programs are often shorter than those at the top universities in North America and cost much less. Another factor contributing to the appeal of an Irish MBA is the availability of favourable work permits, good pay after an MBA, and better job opportunities.

. Easier to adapt in Ireland

Although people speak in their native language in Ireland, most people in the nation speak English. Therefore, individuals who are fluent in English will have no trouble travelling about and being understood. The cost of living may be quite high. However, with promising career possibilities awaiting MBA graduates, these costs may be reasonably handled.

. Better job opportunities

Its economy has flourished over the last several decades because of the country's openness to new ideas and its ability to mass-produce goods. International students seeking a university education and the opportunity to establish themselves in a dynamic economy are increasingly drawn to Ireland as a safe haven in contrast to the United Kingdom in the wake of Brexit. Ireland is presently the seventh most popular overseas study-abroad destination in the United States. Ireland's dedication to becoming a Western European economic centre has made it a desirable destination for many young professionals. This is why more and more people are opting to get an MBA. Furthermore, statistics from prestigious Irish business schools show promising job prospects for MBA graduates.

. Students can earn while studying

Internship programs are available at many universities, allowing students to earn money while they learn.

Top MBA universities in Ireland

Some of the best MBA universities in Ireland for MBA where the international students can enrol for both part-time and full-time courses have been mentioned below.

Top Universities in Ireland for Full-time MBA Programs in Ireland are as follows:

University Names Duration QS World University Rankings: MBA rankings 2023 Exams Accepted Tuition Fees (Approximately in EUR)
The University of Dublin 12 months #101 IELTS, TOEFL 35,000
University of Limerick 2 years #511- #520 GMAT with satisfactory scores or equivalent GRE result, IELTS or TOEFL 13,665
Dublin City University 2 years #490 GMAT (500) IELTS (6.5) or TOEFL (iBT) (92) or DET (120) or PTE (63) 25,500
Best MBA colleges in Ireland

Top-tier educational institutions in Ireland have helped make Dublin a global financial centre. Attending an MBA school in Ireland opens students' minds to other cultures and perspectives. Here are some of the best colleges for MBA in Ireland:

College Name QS Global Ranking Tuition Fees (EUR)
Griffith College, Dublin 290 28000
University College Cork, Ireland 286 27,260
Trinity College Dublin 101 36,600
Dublin Business School NA 12,500
National College of Ireland 258 15,487
University College Dublin 173 36,760
MBA Specializations in Ireland

The MBA course is a broad program. Therefore, individuals select certain specializations as per their interests. Some of MBA Courses in Ireland that can be selected for pursuing the course have been given below

MBA in Business Analytics MBA in General Management
MBA in Marketing MBA in Human Resource
MBA in Supply Chain Management MBA in International Business
MBA in Finance MBA in Accounting
Eligibility for MBA in Ireland

All of an applicant's attributes are considered while selecting an MBA candidate. Here, however, is a rundown of MBA in Ireland Eligibility requirements.

  • Students seeking admission to graduate programs in business administration must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally or nationally approved institution. Candidates who do not have the required degree but have substantial professional experience supporting their application may try their luck via an alternative admissions method.
  • Candidates with more than three to four years of work experience can better navigate the challenging and peer-focused MBA materials.
  • Get a high Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score to go on to the next round. The average minimum score needed by competitive colleges is 550.
  • Test results showing proficiency in English, such as those from the TOEFL or IELTS. Candidates who have completed their primary and secondary schooling in English may be excluded from taking this exam at several universities.
Cost of Studying MBA in Ireland

Are you curious about what MBA in Ireland cost? The good news is that the price of an MBA in Ireland is far lower than in other European nations. You may attend some of Ireland's finest educational institutions without worrying about draining your savings. Tuition varies greatly across institutions. Depending on the institution and major, it might cost anywhere from INR 10 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs. MBA (full-time) tuition fees in Ireland ranges from 10,29,875 INR at Dublin Business School to 28,58,933 INR at Trinity College Dublin for the entire academic year. The number of Executive MBA programs in Ireland exceeds that of Full-Time MBA options.

Student Visa Cost

Ireland offers two different kinds of student visas, the "C Study Visa" (for courses with a total length of three months or less) and the "D Study Visa" (for courses with a total duration of more than three months). Costing €60 for a single admission for 90 days and €100 for repeated entries, long-stay D Study Visas are available to students who want to study abroad for an extended period of time.

Entry type Long stay D visa Short stay C visa
Single Entry €60 (INR: 5421.87) € 60 (INR: 5421.87)
Multi entry €100 (INR: 9036.45) € 100 (INR: 9036.45)
Transit €25 (INR: 2259.11) n/a
Cost of Living in Ireland

Ireland has a reputation for having a high cost of living. Like many large cities, Dublin has prohibitively high housing and rental rates and high food and transit expenditures. Salary levels are greater than in much of Europe, which helps to compensate for this. There an approximate cost of living in Ireland includes:

Expenditure Cost per Month (INR)
Accommodation 15,000- 20,000
Food expenditure 14,000-17,000
Transportation costs 1,000-1,200
Miscellaneous 15,000-20,000
Popular Scholarships for MBA in Ireland for Indian Students

There are a variety of scholarships for MBA in Ireland for international students. Scholarships for international students that are particularly well-known include:

  • This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive funding from the TU Dublin Centenary Scholarship Program will cover around half your educational costs.
  • Irish and foreign students at the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School may get full tuition coverage via the Achiever MBA Scholarship or UCD MBA Scholarship, respectively.
  • Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School offers an MBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship for up to $30,000 per year in tuition.
  • University of Limerick Postgraduate Scholarships in India: The University of Limerick in Ireland is pleased to offer Indian students a merit-based scholarship. Awards range from one hundred thousand to three and a half million Indian rupees.
  • Scholarships are available to Irish and international graduate students at University College Cork. The scholarship covers the exact cost of EU tuition. Students from outside the European Union must pay the outstanding debt.
MBA Work Permit, Jobs, and Salaries for Ireland

A D-Type long-stay study visa is required of all overseas students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA country and want to study full-time in Ireland. In addition, all visitors to Ireland on a student visa are eligible to apply for a temporary work permit.

Students can work part-time (20 hours per week) during academic terms and full-time (40 hours per week) during breaks. Internships are also permitted up to a maximum of half the length of the course. Irish Stamp 2 students may apply for the Third Level Graduate Programme to work in Ireland after graduation.

After finishing your MBA program in Ireland, you may want to extend your stay and apply for a work visa to get useful experience in your chosen area. Up to two years after graduation, students may request a one-time-only extension that cannot be renewed. This time is extended so that you may look for work. The General and Critical Skills Employment Permit are the green card and work permit names, respectively.

Some of the popular jobs after MBA in Ireland that international students can opt for include:

Job Position Salary (per month)
Operations Manager €57,948
Marketing Manager €48,823
Customer Success Manager €53,534
Financial Analyst €44,046
Marketing Executive €27,070
Business Analyst, IT €41,205
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