The PTE exam is the most recognized exam for getting admission to foreign universities worldwide. The PTE Test is a computer-based exam, which is accepted by all educational institutions for international students. The PTE mainly focuses on the students or aspirants' English language skills who want to pursue further study or immigrate; to English-speaking nations.

What is PTE Exam?

The PTE is three hours long computer-based exam, which is conducted to analyze the candidates' day-to-day English speaking skills rather than on higher-level English. PTE stands for - "Pearson Test of English." The grading system is multi-level to ensure a better understanding of the English language proficiency of the candidate.

The PTE Academic is completely different from other English Proficiency Tests, and one of the significantly different aspects is the scoring pattern and result. The PTE is completely computerized, and students can have their results within two business days. That is the reason it is becoming one of the popular exams among students to prove their English proficiency who are in a rush. Let us discuss some other important aspects of the test as below:

PTE Eligibility

The Pearson PLC Group conducts the PTE Academic Exam, and they have not set any specific eligibility criteria for the exam. However, the students who want to take the PTE Academic exam should be at least sixteen years of age. Moreover, candidates below eighteen should have the written consent from their parents or guardians.

  • PTE Educational Eligibility: As per the exam's conducting body - Pearson PLC Group, there are not any educational eligibility criteria to appear for the PTE Academic exam.
  • PTE Age Eligibility: As we mentioned above, the candidate should be sixteen years of age to appear for the exam, and those who are below eighteen should present the written consent from parents or guardians.
  • Exam Re-take Criteria: The candidate can appear as many times as required to pass the exam; there are no set criteria for this by the conducting body. The candidates and re-appear for the exam after five days.
  • PTE Test Accommodations/Special Arrangements: The Pearson PLC group has made special arrangements so that candidates with disabilities can appear for the exam. These type of arrangements are known as - special arrangements or reasonable adjustments, and that includes:
  • A separate exam room
  • Additional exam time
  • A reader or recorder

The candidates who want to make the special arrangements need to specify their requirements and mention how their disability creates the hindrance to appear for the exam. All the evidence should be presented in the form of documental proofs and should apply weeks in advance so that conducting body can make necessary arrangements.

PTE Syllabus

The candidates who want to appear in the next PTE exam must be aware of their PTE Academic exam syllabus. The PTE syllabus is divided into three main sections:

  • Speaking & Writing: This section tests the spoken and written skills of the candidate. The time duration for the entire section is seventy-seven to ninety-three minutes.
  • Reading: This section tests the candidates' reading skills and their ability to understand the written instructions provided. The section is further divided into five sub-sections of thirty-two to forty-one minutes long.
  • Listening: The section is of forty-five to fifty-seven minutes in duration, and it is designed to understand the candidates' reading abilities.

PTE Exam Preparation

You can start PTE study on your own; the different sections of the exams are designed to evaluate the English language's reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. If you want, you can opt for the PTE coaching.

You can also opt for PTE online coaching; many institutes offer PTE online coaching in India. These PTE test coaching centers will clarify all your further doubts related to the exam.

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