ACT is the standardized exam which is designed to check the knowledge of students in English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading with one optional essay section; ACT stands for "American College Testing." The ACT syllabus has 215 MCQs and one essay section, which is descriptive.

The ACT exam duration is two hours and fifty-five minutes, and with essay, the duration becomes three hours and forty minutes. The ACT score ranges from 1 to 36 points. The main objective of the ACT entrance exam is to take admission in US universities for undergraduate programs. The exam fee is $120 with optional essay and international charges.

What is the ACT Exam?

The ACT exam is conducted six-times every year in the US and its territories for the international students to get admission in undergraduate programs in US universities in months - February, April, June, July, September, October, and December. In other parts of the world, the exam is also conducted six times.

Unlike many other similar exams, the ACT is a computer-based exam. Students above thirteen years can take the exam, and there is no upper age limit to appear for the exam. The four main sections of the exam are - Maths, Science, English, and Reading; besides that, there is one optional essay section. The score of the essay section is provided separately.

ACT Exam Syllabus

As we know, the four main section lets go through the complete syllabus:

English Syllabus

The ACT English syllabus consists of passages that examine student's rhetorical, discursive, usage, structural, and mechanics skills. The exam format focuses on testing the overall idea of the passages. The English syllabus comprises MCQs, and some have "No Error" options to select.

Reading Syllabus

The reading syllabus analyzes the student's reading skills through different contexts of passages - social science, humanities, natural science, and literary fiction.

Math Syllabus

The ACT Math syllabus is divided into two sections:

  • Direct Questions
  • Complex Questions

The students are allowed to use the calculator. The direct questions revolve around formulas, basics, and overall math skills. The complex questions revolve around theorems, high-lever formulas, and problems.

Science Syllabus

The ACT science syllabus concentrates on questions related to - Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Earth Science. This section is having loads of graphs, tables, diagrams, and charts.

ACT Essay/Writing Syllabus

This section is meant to analyze the writing skills of the students.

ACT Exam Eligibility

There are no specific eligibility criteria for the ACT exam; however, the students should have passed the high-school to apply for US universities' undergraduate programs. Moreover, there is no upper age limit for the exam. You can take the ACT exam online.

ACT Exam Preparation

You can prepare for ACT on your own, or you can even take the help of the ACT coaching classes. Many institutes offer ACT coaching in India, and you can even opt for ACT online coaching. The main purpose of ACT coaching is to make students aware of all the perquisites of the exam and prepare them thoroughly in every section of the exam.

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