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Visa Application Made Easy by Education Consultants in Noida

A visa is an endorsement attached to a passport (an official document proving an individual’s identity and citizenship, thereby allowing his travel to, and from, foreign countries) indicating that the applicant is granted authorisation to enter, leave, or stay in a country for a specified amount of time, and is allowed to do activities as defined by the type of Visa.

Visa is categorised based on the purpose it serves. Out of the 25 categories, the most commonly applied types are Tourist Visas, Medical Visas, Student Visas, Business visas, Employment visas, Intern visas, Film visas, and Research visas.

The official Indian website to apply for a Visa online lists three simple steps. The first step is to fill out and submit the Visa form online. The second step is to apply along with the required documents at the Indian Visa Application Center. The third step is to receive the Visa from the center. While easy it may sound, the entire application right through to the end, is a tedious process.

Hence, education consultants providing guidance for Visa applications prove beneficial as it makes the process hassle-free. Apart from this, there are also occasions when one finds it difficult to navigate through the categories and the many official document submission businesses. At a juncture like this one, seeking guidance from Education consultants proves to be beneficial.

Overseas Education Consultants provide services that help with applying for a Visa online, filling out the application forms, submitting documents, and finally collecting the Visa. Overseas Education consultants help students choose a suitable country to study abroad, counsel them on the up-and-coming courses and universities, help plan the accommodation, finances, travel, submitting documents, applying for a Passport and Visa, and guiding on the necessary things to be done to apply to universities overseas.

Overseas Education Consultants in Noida

Noida, a planned city to the south-east of New Delhi has multiple students planning to study abroad. This brings in business to a wide range of study abroad consultants. Located mainly in Sector 18, Sector 2, and Sector 63, more than 15+ consultancies are prominently reputed. Each of them has their key features. Some of the well-known centres according to Google search include:

  1. Overseas Education Lane: Located in Sector 2, Noida, this agency has distinct 14 steps to help students from the selection of the course to study abroad, right to completing the process and beginning the course.
  2. Innvictis Edutech: Located in Sector 32, Noida, this consultancy guides career counselling, and provides help with the process of applying for MBBS overseas.
  3. Yes Germany Noida: Located in Sector 15, this agency helps students with applying for Bachelor, Master, and Vocational training specifically in Germany
  4. Edumorphs: Located in Sector 94, this consultancy focuses on the holistic needs of the student by providing pre-application, during-application, and post-application processes.
  5. CIES Overseas Education: Located in Sector 18, this consultancy focuses primarily on preparation for IELTS, writing of SOP along with guidance on overseas education.

Study Overseas Help

Study Overseas Help is a study abroad consultancy that provides comprehensive services related to finding, applying, and enrolling to universities in foreign countries like the UK, Dubai, Canada, Italy, Ireland, and more.

How do they help with Visa applications?

As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, there are different types and categories of Visas and different requirements for each. Moreover, the Visa application for each country has a different requirement list. Overseas education consultants in Noida help navigate this process and make the task relatively hassle-free.

The visa application process can be classified under three categories; the first is the pre-visa application requirements, the second is the application for the Visa with the required documents, and the final step is paying the Visa fee, and getting the Visa issued. Find below the step-by-step process of how Study Overseas Help aids with the Visa application process.

Step 1: Finalizing a Course

Overseas education consultants in Noida have this important line-up of activities to be done before applying for the Visa. It all begins with guiding you to find the best course for you to study based upon your interests and aptitude. This is smoothly transitioned into finding the best programs you can study, and the best universities you can apply for your admissions

Step 2: Finalizing a Country

Each country has their regulations and requirements to grant a Visa. Although the overall process is the same, there are minor differences. So, once the country to study in is finalized, you apply for admission and wait till you get the acceptance letter because this is essential to apply for a Visa. Most overseas countries provide the services of helping their students get a visa, but it is always wise to get help from consultants as they know the process precisely.

Step 3: Prerequisite Documents

Before applying for a Visa, here are the documents you might need. Again, as mentioned in the previous point, there will be differences in the documents required in each country, but here are some necessary ones:

  • A valid original Passport
  • A passport-style photo that follows the guidelines mentioned
  • A letter of Acceptance/Admission from the University
  • Proof of enough finances to cover the tuition, accommodation and medical expenses
  • Salary transcripts of the student’s Sponsor from the home country
  • Proof of accommodation in the applied country
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Proof of Medical Fitness
  • English Language Proficiency Test or Language Proficiency based on the country’s National Language.

Step 4: Apply for the online form

In this step, the official website is visited and the online application form is filled with due details. Documents are attached as directed. An important factor that the consultants take care of is the timing of the application. If a Visa is applied early, you might end up reducing the time duration in the country of study. If it is applied too late, you might miss the scholarships, grants, and miss classes. Hence, the timing is crucial and is helped out by the consultants.

Step 5: Pay the fees

In this step, once the application form is filled, you pay the Visa fees. If you are eligible for a scholarship that covers your Visa fees, attach the respective documents. Keep in mind that each country has different Visa fees, and grants accordingly

Step 6: Book an appointment

Here, you book an appointment with the office in charge of the applied country and take along the application form and other mentioned documents. For some Visa processes, you can pay the fees after the appointment.

This finalises your Visa application. All the tiny details like the type of photograph, the number of documents, and the scholarships applicable are all taken care of by the education consultancies. Once the Visa application is verified, you receive your Visa

Happy travelling and Happy learning!

Scholarships for Indian Students Study in Dubai Study in Dubai Scholarships

Scholarships in Dubai for Indian Students – How to Apply and Qualify

In a recent interview from May of 2024, a senior official of Heriot-Watt University, Dubai, explained how the buoyant job market, the booming business sector, high rates of employability in Multi-National Companies and relatively easy Visa rules and application process makes Dubai one of the prime choice for Indian students to study abroad.

Dubai, is home to around 50 plus universities, out of which multiple are accredited by the Ministry of Education, UAE. Out of the many aspects of these universities, in this blog, we will be addressing the financial factors. The fee structure for every course is different based on the structure and design of the course, as well as the University that hosts it. We will primarily be discussing the scholarships and Financial aid provided by the top universities in Dubai.

Value of UAED and INR

Let us first know the value an Indian rupee holds in the market of the UAE. A Hundred Indian Rupees equals 4.41 UAE Dirhams; conversely, a Hundred UAE Dirhams equals 2270 Indian Rupees. Based on the exchange rates, the value changes, but is still approximately around the above-mentioned value.

Because the value of the UAE Dirham is higher than that of the Indian Rupee, tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other miscellaneous finances might be a little taxing economically. Hence, applying and qualifying for scholarships in Dubai can prove to be a very beneficial and helpful financial aid.


According to the classic definition, a Scholarship is a financial award given to a student to help support their education. Scholarships can be based on academic merit, special academic achievements, athletic achievements (the field of sports activities), the background of the student, special quotas like the military or the minority, and based on financial needs of the student.

In the following paragraphs, the scholarships provided by the Top universities in Dubai, and applicable to Indian students will be explained.

Zayed University

Ranked at the 4th place in UAE, Zayed University has an Undergrad tuition fee of 2500 AED per credit hour. Here are details regarding the fee structure and scholarships.

  • The fee is not exempted for Indian students.
  • In case the complete payment cannot be processed in one go, they can be divided into instalments payable in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms of the undergraduate level.
  • At the graduate level, scholarships are provided for international students who fit in the given criteria.
    • The applicant must submit the complete application before the due date and must receive an offer for full admission to Zayed University.
    • The scholarship level and value are determined by the student’s academic CGPA. For instance, a student scoring a 3.70 CGPA, will be provided with 25% of the tuition fee as the scholarship.
    • The scholarship is withdrawn if the student fails to maintain their CGPA above 3, and if the student is dismissed from the course for any reason.
  • The Zayed University alumni scholarship is applicable to students passing out of Zayed University and holding a Zayed University Bachelor’s or Masters degree.
  • ZU also provides a financial compensation award for students selected under the Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Graduate Research Assistantship, and Graduate Administrative Assistantship.
  • They also provide tuition discounts for students who are sponsored by another entity that is in partnership with ZU and follows the protocol decided upon.

University of Wollongong in Dubai

UOWD has provisions to provide scholarships to qualifying students based on Merit, and athletic excellence. These scholarships cover an aggregate sum of the tuition fees but do not cover the living expenses or the additional study-related costs.

Scholarships provided for bachelor’s degree with integrated freshman-year students are:

  • The scholarship is limited to the students who fit in the required criteria and is based on early applications for the same. The following scholarship
  • The value of scholarships for Indian students is as follows:
    • Students securing 95% and above in the State boards or CBSE, receive a 50% scholarship on tuition fees, meanwhile, a student pursuing a 3-year bachelor’s degree gets 25% off.
    • Students securing between 85 to 95% in the State Board or CBSE examinations, receive a 25% scholarship on tuition fees, meanwhile, a student pursuing a 3-year bachelor’s degree gets 15% off.
    • Students securing between 80% to 85% in the State Board or CBSE examinations, receive a 15% scholarship on tuition fees, meanwhile, a student pursuing a 3-year bachelor’s degree gets 10% off.
    • To continue the scholarship, one must maintain a certain level of scores, and enroll in a specified number of courses as declared by the University.
  • Masters’ students are provided with a 15% and 25% scholarship based on the following requirements:
    • Acceptance from the University for a full-time course in ZU.
    • A minimum of 9/10 GPA in the bachelor course for a 25% scholarship.
    • A minimum of 8.5 /10 GPA in the bachelor course for a 15% scholarship.
  • The Adam Gilchrist sports scholarship is awarded to two students who are professionally representing a team or playing at the state and national level and have had a 65% and above score in their board exams. This is applicable to both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • For continuing students, a 15% to 25% scholarship is provided with a requirement of a minimum cumulative Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 75 in their studies, and the completion of a minimum of 36 credit points.
  • The number of Sports scholarships for continuing students is unlimited in number

The British University in Dubai

Following the University of Wollongong in the list of University rankings, BUiD provides Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate level programs.

  • The scholarships at the undergraduate level are segregated depending on the departments like Law, Computer Science, Business, and Electromechanical Engineering degrees.
  • For Indian students, merit-based scholarship is provisioned:
    • 50% scholarship for high school grades > 98%; required to maintain a GPA around 3.9
    • 35% scholarship for high school grades > 90%; required to maintain a GPA around 3.5
    • 30% scholarship for high school grades > 80%; required to maintain a GPA around 3.2
    • Other scholarships involve a Sibling discount (if one of your siblings is also studying at BUiD, scholarships for people of determination, and for children of BUiD alumni.
  • Scholarships for the Master’s programs include:
    • Discount if there is a first-degree relative studying in the University at the same time.
    • Group discount for a minimum of 5 employees from the same company joining at the same time.
    • Getting a score of Distinction in your bachelor’s degree.

Amity University Dubai Campus

The scholarships provided by Amity University in Dubai are granted annually after the re-evaluation of merit scores. Indian students can qualify for the International student scholarship.

Manipal Institute of Higher Education Dubai

The MAHE Dubai provides scholarships to Indian students in the following categories:

  • Merit-based scholarships for students meeting the required criteria in terms of their academic performance. 30% of the tuition fee wavered during the first year of study.
  • Sports Scholarship for individuals exhibiting athletic excellence. 50% of tuition fee is waivered during the first year of study.
  • Girl Child Scholarship provides a 100% waiver on tuition fees. This scholarship is provided in partnership with the Embassy of India in UAE.
  • Alumni Scholarships with a 25% waiver for students of MAHE Dubai pursuing higher studies in the same University.

All of the above-mentioned scholarships are subject to terms and conditions set by the Universities. Read carefully before applying. It is suggested that you opt for tele-consultation, or discuss with the administration staff regarding the scholarship that benefits you the best.

Make sure to visit the websites of these colleges to know more about the last date of application, and apply in due time

Happy learning!

Overseas Education Study Abroad

Exploring Alternative Options to Fund Your Study Abroad Dream

To study abroad is a dream of many in today’s world. It is more dynamic and allows one to access the globalized nature of markets. Having said that, this dream often faces financial challenges. To overcome that, students apply for loans for studying abroad generally. At times, a student loan for abroad doesn’t get sanctioned or there are some hurdles with respect to paperwork. Therefore, it is important to explore alternative funding options and secure your plan of international education.

Crowdfunding: A Modern Approach to Education Funding

With the increasing access to digital world, crowdfunding has emerged as a very potent tool and an alternative to a student loan for abroad. It is quite practical and many platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Ketto ensure transparency of the entire fund. They give you the opportunity to tell your story and set a goal for your campaign. There are many students who have been able to raise money to support their educational goals. The success rate for crowdfunding is quite varied and there are people who have collected around USD 10,000. They key is to craft a compelling narrative and keep the audience engaged with regular updates and gratitude.

University-Provided Scholarships

  • Merit and Need-Based: Top universities globally offer scholarships based on academic merit or financial need. The amounts can range from partial to full tuition coverage.
  • Government-Funded: Indian government scholarships like the Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships can cover tuition and living expenses, often exceeding $20,000.
  • Private and NGO Scholarships: These can range from a few thousand dollars to full tuition coverage, depending on the organization and program.

Work-Study Programs and Exchange Opportunities

For example, USA offers F1 visa to students. Under this they can work up to 20 hours a week during term-time. In Canada, the study visa enables students to work similar number of hours and full-time during semester breaks. In addition to this, there is an Erasmus+ program in Europe. It covers a significant portion of living expenses (€300 to €400 per month).

Tuition-Free or Low-Cost Universities

Germany: In Germany, public universities offer tuition free education. It covers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All you have to do is budget for living expenses (€850 per month).

Nordic Countries: On the lines of Germany, Nordic countries like Norway also waive off tuition fees at public institutions. The only thing to manage is living expense which can be on the higher side (€1,000 per month).

Earning While Learning: Freelancing

In this globalized world, platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have emerged. They are leading aggregators of freelancers from all over the world. A successful freelancer can earn anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the skill set and time commitment. This also provides you to have flexibility of schedule along with academic load.

Academics are a one-time investment which goes a long way in your career. To study abroad and gaining an internationally accredited educational qualification is a feat known to a few. Once you are determined enough, you can devise ways to fund your education. From crowdfunding to scholarships, and work-study to low-cost universities, the possibilities are diverse. Combining these with entrepreneurial endeavors like freelancing or starting an online business can create a robust financial plan for your study abroad aspirations. This path is all about research, creativity, and zeal to make things happen.

Student Loans

Comparing Student Loan Options for Studying Abroad

Taking your aspirations to a foreign country is a milestone for many Indian students. However, this journey is often road blocked by its financial implications. Thus, there is a need to have a well-planned borrowing strategy. We will conduct a thorough comparison of student loan options, tailored for Indian students.

Government-Backed Loans vs. Private Loans

Government-Backed Loans

Advantages: Government-Backed Loans are offered at lower interest rates (around 8-10% annually), they have longer repayment terms and sometimes subsidies on interest.

Disadvantages: They are available up to only INR 20-30 lakhs. Moreover, being government backed brings in higher level of scrutiny which in turn means a stricter eligibility criterion.

Private Loans

Advantages: Private sector loans can have higher limits upwards of INR 50 lakhs. They are more flexible in nature and the processing time is also faster.

Disadvantages: The major impediment in securing a private loan is the high rate of interest (10-14%) and the repayment schedule is stricter.

Types of Interest Rates: Fixed vs. Variable

Fixed Interest Rates

Pros: Offer predictability in repayments; rates generally vary between 9% and 12%.

Cons: Can be higher than initial variable rates.

Variable Interest Rates

Pros: Start with lower rates, beneficial if market rates decline.

Cons: Risk of increasing payments if market rates rise.

Loan Repayment Terms and Grace Periods

Repayment Terms

Short-Term Loans: Typically, 5-7 years, resulting in higher monthly payments but less interest overall.

Long-Term Loans: Can extend up to 10-15 years, easing monthly burdens but increasing the total interest paid.

Grace Periods

Post-Graduation: Several banks offer a six to twelve-month window before repayments start. It eases the burden of immediate repayment and one has time to look for a job.

Indian Loan Providers

Public Sector Banks

State Bank of India (SBI): Global Ed-Vantage scheme offers loans up to INR 1.5 crores with interest rates starting from 8.85% p.a.

Punjab National Bank (PNB): PNB Udaan loans offer up to INR 40 lakhs with interest rates around 9% p.a.

Private Banks and NBFCs

HDFC Bank: Provides flexible loans up to INR 20 lakhs with interest rates starting from 9.50% p.a.

Credila: Specializes in education loans, offering variable rates and customizable plans.

Evaluating Your Options

You must consider the following parameters while deciding upon your loan:

  • Interest Rate Impact: Lower rates are critical for long-term affordability.
  • Loan Amount Adequacy: Ensure the loan covers all costs, including hidden expenses.
  • Repayment Terms: Seek flexible options that align with potential earnings.
  • Processing Efficiency: Consider the ease and speed of loan approval.
  • Collateral Requirements: Weigh the implications of secured versus unsecured loans.

For an Indian student, securing a student loan is a major step. You are advised to compare different loan types, interest rates, and repayment terms. It is better to consult a financial advisor and make the best possible decision keeping in mind your future financial capabilities.

Study in Italy

Why ‘Studying in Italy’ might be the Best Choice for you?

Imagine being at the center of learning with all the great institutions in the World surrounding you, great and rich cultural heritage, exotic food and many other attractions right there for you at the dream study destination of yours. Yes, Italy has all this to offer you. Italy is much more than just a attraction to students all across the world. Those who study in Italy get to experience a lot of other adventures than just being a book-worm.

Below, we are listing the top five reasons which make Italy, the best place to study abroad.

  1. Knowledge is the Top Most Priority – Well, if you are going to study in a foreign University, then your topmost priority is that you should get the best of knowledge of the subject you are studying and Italy takes the ground here. You have University of Bologna, University of Padua and many other great colleges here only. No matter whether you study business, fashion, art or history here, the faculty and the staff is always there to enhance your learning experience. The classroom lectures are fairly accompanied by field trips, museum visits, and exchange programs etcetera. And all these result in giving the optimum scope of knowledge to the students.
  2. Less Painful to Your Wallets – This point might seem a bit odd but the expense of education in Italy is highly affordable when compared to other countries like America or Canada. You will be getting World class education in a highly affordable price. Plus, the Universities in Italy are highly indulged in the scholarship programs. And if you possess a good score in IELTS or other exams, then getting a scholarship is a fairly easy task for you. Other expenses like living cost and tuition fee are also much affordable in Italy.
  3. No Shortage of Exposure – Apart from the primary idea of quality education, you will also be given exposure to a lot of practical knowledge as well. The colleges conduct frequent field trips to museums and other institutions to teach the students in a better way. In this way, you’ll not only be educated but will also be trained in a good pace. The teachers are always there for your support whenever you need them. All these small contributions make your study abroad experience a fruitful one.
  4. Getting Hold of a New Language – If course, its not a compulsion for you to learn Italian in Italy. But, if you are there, then it is quite easier for you than learning it somewhere else. You are a part of the Italian culture and environment and thus, adapting to their language is a bit convenient. In this way, you will be getting knowledge of another language as well, which would surely help you somewhere in life.
  5. Rich Culture and Food – Whenever you are with a new set of people, then you definitely get to learn a few new things. And Italy is itself a land of cultural heritage. They celebrate many great festivals like Carnevale, Game of the Bridge etcetera. All these make you a bit more familiar with the culture and enhance your learning.

How can we forget the exotic food that you’ll be getting in Italy. The birthplace of Pizza and Pasta has a lot more to offer other than these two. Risotto, Lasagne and many more are waiting for you in Italy.

These are the best of five reasons which we have found and are sufficient enough to make you an admirer of education in Italy.

Free Education Study Abroad

How Can I Study Abroad if I do not have the Finances?

If you are willing to give your career the right path, direction and better growth opportunities, then, studying in a foreign University is a great option for you. You’ll be getting the experience of a lifetime, better education facilities, broad exposure and a lot more memories to cherish. But, as cheerful as it may sound, the reality will always reach you something you need to. And in this case, it is about the expenses that you’ll have to meet in your studies abroad.

You are going to a whole different country to study for a good duration and along with studies, there are a lot of other expenses as well like house, travel, books, trips etcetera. And to make your foreign studies abroad, you must contribute yourself to all these activities also. Now, the question comes how you can study abroad if you don’t have the required funds. Don’t worry, we have got you the right measures you can take in order to pursue your studies in a foreign University.

  1. Education Loan Facilities – This is a very good facility for all the study abroad aspirants and the process is quite accessible as well. The student firstly has to secure a seat in the foreign University to avail the benefits of education loan. And that’s how, the criteria for admission changes from college to college. You have to qualify the entrance exam of the college and then you will be issued the acceptance letter by the college. And this letter will help you in getting your loan sanctioned.

The top Indian Banks giving study abroad loans to students are HDFC bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank etcetera.

  1. Scholarships and Grants – Another great way for the assistance in your foreign education is scholarships and grants. These scholarships can either be merit based, caste based or financial status based. But most of the colleges take the academic performance of the student into deep consideration. The student must have a good report. Plus, the student must also have passed the entrance exam held by the college separately or the college may also accept IELTS score as the criteria. Apart from these, you’ll also find plenty of government funded like Nehru Scholarship, private funded like Tata Scholarship for help of the Indian students.

In order to know more about the scholarships that are specific to your University only, you should visit the website of the institution and you can also take help from the education consultants available.

  1. Other Things to Consider – Now that you have all awareness about the resources available for your financial help, there are a few things which can help you gain some stability in your expenses abroad.

The first one is to choose your college cautiously. Choose such a college and country where the expenses are quite less. Israel, Italy, Australia etcetera might be a better option than USA, UK or Canada in such scenarios.

You can also work along with your studies to have your other expenses sorted. The foreign University will fetch you ample time to invest in a part-time job or freelancing. You should use it well and save it for the repayment of loan purpose.

So, these are a few resources and ways through which students like you can pursue their foreign studies without having ample funds.

Free Education Scholarships for Indian Students

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Abroad for Free

Studying in a foreign country is a great milestone for your career. You get to learn among the best minds of the globe. The scope of knowledge and career both gets elevated. But, speaking on practical terms, the expense of studying abroad is very costly as well. There are a lot of steps involved and thus, monetary angle dominates.

But, what if we tell you that there are scholarships available for you through which you may study in abroad for free. Yes, that’s completely possible. There is plenty of government funded and private scholarships that give this golden opportunity to the students. We have listed the top scholarships for which eligible students can apply.

  1. National Overseas Scholarship – This scholarship is availed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and is helpful for students falling under SC, landless laborers and nomad tribes. If the eligible class wants to pursue a Master’s or PhD course, is below 35 years of age and has family annual income of less than 8 Lakhs, then he may apply for this one. Plus, he must also have more than 60 percent marks in the qualifying exam. All the expenses from tuition fee to travel expenditure are included in this one. You may enquire further on the Ministry’s website.
  2. GREAT Scholarships India – There are a few scholarships which are provided by the foreign University of country itself for students willing to study in their institute. This is one such scholarship for Indian students provided by UK educational institutions. The applicant must be an Indian student and have an excellent track record to be eligible for this scholarship. He should have great IELTS and GMAT score and have keen interest in the subject he want to study. Tuition fee, travel allowance and all other expenses are covered and the maximum which is offered is 10 thousand dollars.
  3. Commonwealth Scholarships – This scholarship is provided by the UK government for Commonwealth, who can not afford studying in UK otherwise. This is open for all the countries which are included in the Commonwealth. The student can opt for a Master’s Degree or a PhD program if he has got the minimum qualification to do so. The University will take over all the expenses from the tuition fee to the living expenses under this scheme.
  4. Cornell University Tata Scholarship – This scholarship is a collective effort made by the Cornell University and the Tata groups. They offer fully funded foreign education to Indian students in the Cornell University. You can get the benefits of this scheme if you’ve already got admission in Cornell University based on your marks and history. The applicant must not be able to bear his study expenses otherwise and must have deep knowledge of the subject.
  5. University of New South Wales India Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to the Indian students willing to pursue Under-Graduation or Post-Graduation from the University of New South Wale in Sydney. The University provides 10 thousand dollars for scholars who want to study in their college. But for Engineering courses which need extra fee, University offers some concession. You may apply to this scholarship only after you get admission in the University.

These were the best scholarships for Indian students, through which students can easily pursue their education and study abroad for free.

Overseas Education Study Abroad

Is it Better to Study Abroad for a Better Future?

You want the answer right now? Then, YES, studying in a foreign country is undoubtedly better for your future and career. And that’s the prime reason why many students in India go to study in a foreign country. There are plenty of other advantages than just a good future.

For your further assistance, we are listing the best reasons to support one’s decision of studying abroad.

  1. Becoming Self-Dependent – You’ll see a large portion of students going for their studies abroad for their Master’s or PhD. But many students also pursue their under graduation from a foreign University. When you are doing your Master’s, you have already attained a matured age, thus you can deal with your problems easily.

But, as a under graduate students, living all alone in a different country is some kind of an experience. You have to manage your studies, expenses, household works and a lot of works all by yourself. All this collectively contribute to your personality and help you in becoming Self-Dependent.

  1. Learning About New Cultures – The biggest advantage of overseas education is the exposure that a student gets. In foreign colleges, the curriculum is pretty diverse and promotes practical knowledge and learning a lot. In between your studies also, you get to interact with a lot of new people from various nations across the globe. In this way, you get to learn about their culture and they know about you.

And this is the exposure and knowledge only that will help you build a strong career out of your learnings.

  1. Learning a New Language is definitely a PLUS – Its very unlikely that every nation you go to, you’ll find English as their native language. Canada, Australia, Russia, Ireland, Italy and a few other countries have got the best of education facilities and don’t have very large popularity of English language. In such a case, you get to learn a new language as well.

Learning the country’s foreign language is also a part of your overseas education training and will help you in exams like IELTS, GRE and GMAT. In this way, your skills are elevated as well.

  1. Great for your International Job Prospectus – And after getting your studies done, you will have a larger scope of job opportunities than the home studies ones. Your CV will outshine other ones as you already have the experience of living independently in a foreign country. This will help you explore more jobs on foreign land.

And you’ll also get a better salary as well. In this way, your career growth graph will also get frequent surges. Eventually, getting you a better future.

These are the prime reasons which separate your foreign studies from studying in your own country. At last, it can rightfully be said that studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity and you should definitely go for it for a better future.

Study Abroad

Which Country is Cheaper to Study Abroad?

The demand to study abroad is quite high among Indians. However, studying abroad can dent your pocket if you don’t find an affordable destination and university.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 countries that are cheaper to study overseas. Some of these places offer high-class education with low tuition fees some offer excellent scholarship programs, whereas some allow students to get a part-time job. But most importantly, all these places offer a great lifestyle with an affordable cost of living.

5 Countries to Study Abroad for Indians

  1. Norway: All the Nordic countries offer exceptional lifestyles and affordable education. But Norway tops the list of cheap overseas education as the public universities in Norway offer almost free education to both EU and non-EU nationals.
    However, the cost of living in Norway is comparatively higher than in other countries in this list.
  2. Italy: Italy is yet another country that offers a great lifestyle and world-class education at an affordable rate. But what makes it more preferable is the low cost of living. Italy is a place where you can get shared accommodation or stay as a house guest for a budget as low as 500 euros per month. Being the land of gourmet, food is also very cheap here. You can study in Italy and get a part-time job to sustain your living.
  3. France: Even if you don’t believe it, France is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad. In France, you can get a Bachelor’s degree program for as low as €170 per year!
    Though the tuition fees are considerably low here, the cost of living is very expensive in the capital. So, if you want to study on a budget in France, it is best to avoid universities in or around Paris and choose universities in other places.
  4. Mexico: Mexico offers more than just lifestyle and affordable education. The place offers you a first-hand experience with the ancient Latin American culture and exciting places to explore. Education and cost of living in the capital can be around $6300 and $9200 per annum.
  5. Taiwan: The National University of Taiwan holds the 72nd position in the global rank for top universities. International students can join one of the undergraduate programs in this university for as low as $3300 per annum. Needless to say, the cost of living is a highly affordable price, making Taiwan a cheap place to study overseas for Indians.


The given 5 destinations are just the beginning. There are more places around the globe where you can study for cheap. If you want admission to one of the affordable universities in the world, get in touch with experienced study abroad consultants and find out a suitable option for you.

Study in Italy

Top Places you Don’t Want to Miss During your Study Abroad in Italy

Italy is a world class educational destination for all the students willing to study abroad. The country is full of top ranked Universities like the Bologna University and the Sapienza University of Rome. You can learn art, history, literature, business, anthropology and a lot more majors for your college study. The top class faculty, in-depth study and complete exposure to the outer world enhance your learning experience to a great extent.

But, along with studies, you might also want to relax and explore the nation a bit as well. And for that purpose as well, Italy has a great number of tourist destinations available. These places would surely grab your attention and give you time to explore the Italian culture a bit.

Below, we have listed the top places which you should definitely visit while you are completing your studies in the European country.

  1. Rome – The great capital of ancient Europe, Rome, definitely tops the list. It is the most radical and attractive city of Italy and has many great monuments like Colosseum, Pantheon and the Forum. The world famous Vatican City is also a part of Rome only. Between these lavish architectures and tourist spots, you might also want to soak-in the beauty of the streets as well. The people are very welcoming to the foreign students and are there for any help you need.
  2.  Venice – The most astonishing and extra-ordinary city of Italy. The place where the waters have taken the form of the pathways and you can travel from one house to another on a boat. The St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica of St. Mark are widely famous among the locals for their beauty and simplicity. The large clock tower adds a big plus to the beauty of this city.
  3. Milan – Milan has one of the most busiest airports in Italy and thus, experiences a lot of tourists in a year. The city is a must go destination for the art, fashion and design lovers. Travelers come from different cities to Milan for the sake of shopping only. This explains the popularity of the city across the whole Europe. The magnificent church of Italy, Duomo Cathedral is here in Milan only.
  4.  Lake Como – The most beautiful lake in Italy is the Como lake, from the Roman period. Locals and foreigners prefer to make it a regular visiting place in the summer season. What could be a better feeling than soaking the pleasure of mild sunlight while enjoying the beauty of Lake Como. Lake Garda and Lake Orta are another great ones in Italy.
  5. Florence – It is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy and has many great churches and museums under its hood.  The Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Pitti are some of the finest art places where you can look for a variety of arts and crafts. The San Lorenzo exhibition is held every year and it displays the finest paintings of Italy.

These are a few of the best places that you should not miss in Italy. The city is full of wonders and there is a lot more to explore.