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How Can I Study Abroad if I do not have the Finances?

If you are willing to give your career the right path, direction and better growth opportunities, then, studying in a foreign University is a great option for you. You’ll be getting the experience of a lifetime, better education facilities, broad exposure and a lot more memories to cherish. But, as cheerful as it may sound, the reality will always reach you something you need to. And in this case, it is about the expenses that you’ll have to meet in your studies abroad.

You are going to a whole different country to study for a good duration and along with studies, there are a lot of other expenses as well like house, travel, books, trips etcetera. And to make your foreign studies abroad, you must contribute yourself to all these activities also. Now, the question comes how you can study abroad if you don’t have the required funds. Don’t worry, we have got you the right measures you can take in order to pursue your studies in a foreign University.

  1. Education Loan Facilities – This is a very good facility for all the study abroad aspirants and the process is quite accessible as well. The student firstly has to secure a seat in the foreign University to avail the benefits of education loan. And that’s how, the criteria for admission changes from college to college. You have to qualify the entrance exam of the college and then you will be issued the acceptance letter by the college. And this letter will help you in getting your loan sanctioned.

The top Indian Banks giving study abroad loans to students are HDFC bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank etcetera.

  1. Scholarships and Grants – Another great way for the assistance in your foreign education is scholarships and grants. These scholarships can either be merit based, caste based or financial status based. But most of the colleges take the academic performance of the student into deep consideration. The student must have a good report. Plus, the student must also have passed the entrance exam held by the college separately or the college may also accept IELTS score as the criteria. Apart from these, you’ll also find plenty of government funded like Nehru Scholarship, private funded like Tata Scholarship for help of the Indian students.

In order to know more about the scholarships that are specific to your University only, you should visit the website of the institution and you can also take help from the education consultants available.

  1. Other Things to Consider – Now that you have all awareness about the resources available for your financial help, there are a few things which can help you gain some stability in your expenses abroad.

The first one is to choose your college cautiously. Choose such a college and country where the expenses are quite less. Israel, Italy, Australia etcetera might be a better option than USA, UK or Canada in such scenarios.

You can also work along with your studies to have your other expenses sorted. The foreign University will fetch you ample time to invest in a part-time job or freelancing. You should use it well and save it for the repayment of loan purpose.

So, these are a few resources and ways through which students like you can pursue their foreign studies without having ample funds.

Free Education Scholarships for Indian Students

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Abroad for Free

Studying in a foreign country is a great milestone for your career. You get to learn among the best minds of the globe. The scope of knowledge and career both gets elevated. But, speaking on practical terms, the expense of studying abroad is very costly as well. There are a lot of steps involved and thus, monetary angle dominates.

But, what if we tell you that there are scholarships available for you through which you may study in abroad for free. Yes, that’s completely possible. There is plenty of government funded and private scholarships that give this golden opportunity to the students. We have listed the top scholarships for which eligible students can apply.

  1. National Overseas Scholarship – This scholarship is availed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and is helpful for students falling under SC, landless laborers and nomad tribes. If the eligible class wants to pursue a Master’s or PhD course, is below 35 years of age and has family annual income of less than 8 Lakhs, then he may apply for this one. Plus, he must also have more than 60 percent marks in the qualifying exam. All the expenses from tuition fee to travel expenditure are included in this one. You may enquire further on the Ministry’s website.
  2. GREAT Scholarships India – There are a few scholarships which are provided by the foreign University of country itself for students willing to study in their institute. This is one such scholarship for Indian students provided by UK educational institutions. The applicant must be an Indian student and have an excellent track record to be eligible for this scholarship. He should have great IELTS and GMAT score and have keen interest in the subject he want to study. Tuition fee, travel allowance and all other expenses are covered and the maximum which is offered is 10 thousand dollars.
  3. Commonwealth Scholarships – This scholarship is provided by the UK government for Commonwealth, who can not afford studying in UK otherwise. This is open for all the countries which are included in the Commonwealth. The student can opt for a Master’s Degree or a PhD program if he has got the minimum qualification to do so. The University will take over all the expenses from the tuition fee to the living expenses under this scheme.
  4. Cornell University Tata Scholarship – This scholarship is a collective effort made by the Cornell University and the Tata groups. They offer fully funded foreign education to Indian students in the Cornell University. You can get the benefits of this scheme if you’ve already got admission in Cornell University based on your marks and history. The applicant must not be able to bear his study expenses otherwise and must have deep knowledge of the subject.
  5. University of New South Wales India Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to the Indian students willing to pursue Under-Graduation or Post-Graduation from the University of New South Wale in Sydney. The University provides 10 thousand dollars for scholars who want to study in their college. But for Engineering courses which need extra fee, University offers some concession. You may apply to this scholarship only after you get admission in the University.

These were the best scholarships for Indian students, through which students can easily pursue their education and study abroad for free.

Study in Canada

How Much Does It Cost to Study in Canada for Indian Students?

It is now a trend to study in Canada for Indian students after completing their graduation. But studying abroad can be expensive if you don’t know the budget well in advance.

In this article, we will discuss the study in Canada cost for Indian students in detail for your better understanding.

Costs Related to Overseas Education in Canada

To understand the study in Canada cost you need to focus on certain aspects like the tuition fees, visa application fees, and most importantly, the cost of living.

  1. Education Fees: Your tuition fees constitute the major chunk of your expenses when you stay abroad in Canada. The cost varies with the course and institution you choose. The tuition fees range from CAD 7000 to CAD 35000 per annum. For an Indian student, it is approximately Rs. 350000- Rs. 1900000 per annum.
  2. Accommodation Cost: While Canada promised an extravagant lifestyle, the accommodation cost can be affordable if you are staying in the on-campus hostel or in a shared apartment. The cost for on-campus hostel facilities is about CAD 8000 per annum. Whereas, if you are staying in shared accommodation, you have a monthly expense of about CAD 400-CAD 700 depending upon the location of your apartment. In prime locations of cities like Toronto, shared apartments can cost about CAD 1200 – CAD 2000 per month.
  3. Cost of Living: When you consider the cost of studying abroad, it is essential to consider the cost of living that includes your transportation, daily meals, communication, books, and other supplies. The cost of living in Canada can extend up to CAD 6000 – CAD 10000 per year for a student.
  4. Other Expenses: Like we said before, you need to consider the visa and insurance cost when you plan to study abroad. Student Visa cost for Canada is roughly CAD, and a student spends about CAD 300-CAD 800 per annum on insurance.

These are just the basic costs a student incurs when they travel abroad to study in Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada

Here we have a tabulation of expenses you incur in Canada when you study there for a better understanding.

Nature of ExpenseAnnual Expenditure
Tuition feesCAD 7000 – CAD 35000 (INR 350000 – INR 1900000)
LodgingCAD 7200 – CAD 24000 (INR 391000 – INR 1303515)
Other cost of living (groceries, transportation, etc.)CAD 6000 – CAD 10000 (INR 323881 – INR 539802)
Miscellaneous expensesCAD 1000 (INR 53980)
Total Expenses (with tuition expenses)CAD 21200 – CAD 66500 (INR 1144382 – INR 3778620)
Total Expenses without tuition fees (for students with full scholarship)CAD 14200 – CAD 35000 (INR 766520 – INR 1889310)


Canada is one of the most affordable countries to study abroad. On the one hand, education and accommodation are highly cheap, and on the other, the country promises a high standard of living. Canada is also one of the safest countries in the world, making it the most desirable place to study for Indian students.

Study in Canada

Top Ten Reasons to Study in Canada

The best universities in Canada have seen a growing demand among international students over the last few years. Canada is now one of the most preferred destinations among students when they plan to study overseas.

The diverse environment, experiences, and the option of affordable education and accommodation are definitely the pillars of this demand. Here we have the top 10 reasons to study in Canada.

10 top reasons to study in Canada

  1. The Best Quality Education:

One of the biggest reasons to choose Canada as your preferred overseas education destination is the education quality. Canada has some of the leading universities globally, and they follow a high standard of education.

The University of British Columbia is known to have of the best infrastructures in the world to host international students. Irrespective of your education stream, engineering, medical, economics, or tourism, the universities have the best faculties and options for diploma and master’s courses.

  1. Work as you Study:

Canada is one of the very few countries that allow international students to work on a part-time basis. The universities allow students to work for about 20-hours in a week to gain experience in a field.

The part-time work experience here helps you pay your tuition fees or support your expenses abroad.

  1. Low Cost of Living:

The second biggest reason to choose Canada as your overseas education destination is the low cost of living here. On the one hand, education is highly affordable as compared to countries like the UK or the USA, and on the other, the low cost of accommodation. Moreover, you can join different scholarship programs if you are studying in Canada.

  1. Versatile Environment:

Canada promises a dynamic culture and environment to international students. Students from different corners of the world come to Canada to pursue their higher education, naturally creating a multi-cultural environment.

The diverse culture and versatile environment never let you feel like a complete stranger in a foreign land.

  1. High Standard of Living:

The UN announced Canada as the best place to live in the world a few years back. There are various education opportunities; the environment is clean and offers a high standard of living to international students. In fact, the international students here get the same healthcare benefits and social rights as any Canadian.

  1. Seasonal Diversity:

Canada is the country that offers you the experience of different seasons. You can distinctively enjoy the four seasons in the country and see the true colors of nature as the seasons’ change.

  1. Work Opportunities:

Job opportunities are available in abundance in Canada. International students with valid study visas can apply for their work permit once they finish their course in the country and enjoy the benefits of work opportunities right after they complete their graduation.

  1. A dream destination to explore:

Canada is more than just a destination for international students to study. Students can explore the diverse nature, oceans, and wildlife of the country during their vacations and holidays when they study overseas in Canada.

  1. Opportunity to Migrate:

Not every country in the world offers you the chance of migration. But Canada does for international students. Suppose you have secured a 3-years work permit after your graduation in the country. In that case, you officially become eligible for migration to Canada and secure a PR visa through Canadian Provincial Nominee Program.

  1. Migrate with your Family:

The migration opportunity in Canada is not restricted to the students alone. Students get to bring their partners and family members if they have secured a Canadian Work Permit.

Do these points excite you about studying in Canada? Canada is a land full of adventure and promises of a high standard of life. If you plan to study abroad, make Canada a destination on your list.

Study Abroad Programs Study in Italy

Best Study Abroad Programs in Italy for a Better Education

Most of the students willing to study in a different country prefer Italy over plenty other countries and their various colleges. The reasons might be the rich and cultural heritage of Italy, its exotic food, astonishing fairs or some other. But the main attraction for the students is the diversity of programs available for the foreign students.

The Universities in Italy like University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Padua and many others offer a great variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as PhD courses, both for their native students and the foreign ones. These programs are meant to provide you a wholesome knowledge about the subject you are interested in along with several practical applications.

In order to help you choose your study abroad program better, we have listed the five best programs available in Italy, for its foreign students.

  1. IES Abroad Milan Program – This is the highest rated program of foreign study in Italy. Milan is full of monuments and artifacts of the rich Italian culture, which makes it the best place for learning Art and Culture. You are free to choose from a variety of major subjects to include in your academic career, in Italian or any other language. The subjects include art, music, business, Italian language etcetera. The classes will be held mostly in Milan and as a part of the curriculum; periodic field trips are also arranged to places like Tuscany.
  2. Shadow Doctors Program in Europe – This is a multi-location program arranged in Europe for future healthcare doctors all around the World. The program is hosted by Atlantis and they believe that, as a doctor, a person must explore all the parts of human civilization and their lifestyle. This is the reason this program contains 120+ hours of clinical training in various parts of Europe. The program is carried out in Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Croatia. And the majorly covered subjects are Biology, Nursing, Chemistry, Healthcare etcetera.
  3. IES Abroad Rome – The Rome in Italy is full of art, literature and historic advancements. The places like Vatican and Forum are soothing for eyes as well as pretty knowledgeable at the same time. Due to the IES abroad program, students from any part of the globe can get their academic education from here. The available subjects are Anthropology, Classical studies, Music, Film making and many more. The best part is you can customize the subjects and duration as you like. You may get a full year program or a seasonal one.
  4. CET Italy Program – This program is hosted by CET. This program is laden with specializations of Italy, both culturally and socially. The students will be given proper guidance and one-to-one interaction with highly qualified teachers. The program can be carried out in CET Florence or CET Sienna. Both the places are warmly welcoming for new students and provide variety of majors like Business Studies, Finance, History, English etcetera. You may opt for homestay with local Italian families or may also share apartments with other foreign students. Field trips to Tuscany are a big plus, which help the students in exploring the city to a good extent.
  5. Study Abroad in Rome by John Cabot University – This program is hosted by John Cabot University and being a University of American origin, the credits are easily transferred to your college majors. Short term interactive classes, brainstorming sessions and periodic field trips allow the students to get to know Italian, as well as other cultures to a huge scale. The large number of available subjects includes Law, Literature, Political Science, Anthropology etcetera. JCU cares a lot for its students. Everything from airport pick-up to short time internships is provided. These are the best of study abroad programs available in Italy. You may select the program and subject as per your interest and enhance your learning by studying abroad.
Overseas Education Study Abroad

Is it Better to Study Abroad for a Better Future?

You want the answer right now? Then, YES, studying in a foreign country is undoubtedly better for your future and career. And that’s the prime reason why many students in India go to study in a foreign country. There are plenty of other advantages than just a good future.

For your further assistance, we are listing the best reasons to support one’s decision of studying abroad.

  1. Becoming Self-Dependent – You’ll see a large portion of students going for their studies abroad for their Master’s or PhD. But many students also pursue their under graduation from a foreign University. When you are doing your Master’s, you have already attained a matured age, thus you can deal with your problems easily.

But, as a under graduate students, living all alone in a different country is some kind of an experience. You have to manage your studies, expenses, household works and a lot of works all by yourself. All this collectively contribute to your personality and help you in becoming Self-Dependent.

  1. Learning About New Cultures – The biggest advantage of overseas education is the exposure that a student gets. In foreign colleges, the curriculum is pretty diverse and promotes practical knowledge and learning a lot. In between your studies also, you get to interact with a lot of new people from various nations across the globe. In this way, you get to learn about their culture and they know about you.

And this is the exposure and knowledge only that will help you build a strong career out of your learnings.

  1. Learning a New Language is definitely a PLUS – Its very unlikely that every nation you go to, you’ll find English as their native language. Canada, Australia, Russia, Ireland, Italy and a few other countries have got the best of education facilities and don’t have very large popularity of English language. In such a case, you get to learn a new language as well.

Learning the country’s foreign language is also a part of your overseas education training and will help you in exams like IELTS, GRE and GMAT. In this way, your skills are elevated as well.

  1. Great for your International Job Prospectus – And after getting your studies done, you will have a larger scope of job opportunities than the home studies ones. Your CV will outshine other ones as you already have the experience of living independently in a foreign country. This will help you explore more jobs on foreign land.

And you’ll also get a better salary as well. In this way, your career growth graph will also get frequent surges. Eventually, getting you a better future.

These are the prime reasons which separate your foreign studies from studying in your own country. At last, it can rightfully be said that studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity and you should definitely go for it for a better future.

Study in Italy

Study in Italy to Experience High-Quality Education in a Historic Environment

If a person is willing to opt for foreign study, then the countries like America, Canada and Italy are on the top of his list. These are the places which have established themselves as the greatest centers of learning across the globe. Harvard University, Cambridge University, Bologna University are amongst the highest rated institutions in the world. All these Universities have their own specializations regarding different subjects.

The students prefer American and Canadian Universities for subjects like Science and Technology. These offer amazing faculty and services to local as well as foreign students, to enhance their learning in the field of technology. But, when it comes to the study of Art, Literature, Anthropology and most importantly History, then, there is no match to the Universities situated in Italy. The institutions are open for students all across the globe and are quite popular as well.

The reason being the presence of knowledgeable teachers and a diverse study curriculum, that makes the study of historical events easy, interactive and fun. The classes, field trips, museum visits, everything does its part in the education of several learning minds. You are just indulged in the learning atmosphere while being at the center of great historical significance.

We have mentioned some points below that rightfully establish Italy as a country of great historical importance and that; it is one of the best centers of learning.

  1. The History of Rome – Rome is the most popular city of Italy. Its churches and museums carry great religious importance in the hearts of all the Catholics in Italy. The city is nearly 2,000 years old and has a rich history in terms of public movements that affected the whole world. The Colosseum and the assassination of Julius Caesar are amongst the most famous ones. The Sapienza University of Rome is widely known for its study of arts and culture. If you choose this University to learn history or art, then, you will surely be surrounded by a historic and learning environment.
  2. The last King of Italy ruled for just 36 days. The name of the ruler was Umberto ll and his tenure was stretched from 9th May to 12th June, 1946.
  3. The Art place of William Shakespeare – The name of William Shakespeare is not new to any of us. The literature writers and admirers from all over the world see the man as a source of inspiration due to his great contribution to literature. His plays and poems carry a deep sense and are a pleasure to the eyes of the audience. And Italy is the center of his majority plays. 13 of his 38 plays are set in Italy only. Julius Caesar takes place in Rome, the Othello and the Merchant of Venice are in Venice and the Much Ado about Nothing has taken place in Messina. The Juliet’s Balcony is a tourist spot for the literature students.
  4. Birthplace of Numerous Civilizations – Italy has also been the birth place of various rich and prosperous civilizations throughout the history. The Roman Empire, The Roman Catholic Church and The Renaissance are a few of the events of International importance and took place in this country only. Florence was the heart of Renaissance and the center of various arts in the medieval period. The Romans, Samnites and the Greeks got their origin in Italy and then flourished in the whole world.

On the account of the above reasons, we can say that Italy is a hub of business, finance and historical events and getting a chance to study in such a historical atmosphere is a lifetime opportunity to get.

Study in Canada

What are the Requirements to Study in Canada from India?

Are you planning to study in Canada? Every year, we see a huge demand among Indians to study abroad in Canada. If you are one of those students, here is the study in Canada requirements for Indian students.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, prepare your documents and proceed with your student visa application. The country is ready to welcome international students with open arms, promising the best education in the world.

Are you Eligible to Apply?

The most important requirement for a student to study abroad in Canada is meeting the eligibility criteria for application. You are eligible to apply with the Canadian universities if you meet the below criteria.

• Students need to score a minimum aggregate of 50% in their graduation (3-years course) from an AICTE or UGC recognized university.
• Engineers need to complete a 4-year degree course and secure 50% aggregate to apply.
• The student should be of minimum 18-years of age.

Work Permit Eligibility:

If you are already residing in Canada for education and need a work permit, the requirements are-

• To get a work permit in Canada, you need to pursue a course that has a minimum 8 months duration.
• If you need a work permit after post-graduation, you should pursue a course with a duration of no less than 2 years.

Student Visa Requirement to Study in Canada

Once you are eligible to apply and have received your invitation letter from the universities, here are the visa requirements to study in Canada for Indian students.

  1. Passport with minimum 6-months validity
  2. Notarized certificate copies for your 10th, 12th, and graduate degrees.
  3. Graduation transcripts
  4. 2 academic references
  5. Acceptance letter from Universities
  6. Proof of course fee payment
  7. Application letter stating the purpose of visit
  8. 2 x passport-sized photographs
  9. Proof of funds to support your stay in Canada
  10. English Proficiency Test (IELTS general) scorecard
  11. Visa application form

Further to the given document requirements, students who have prior part-time (20 hours a week) employment offer in hand, you need to submit the proof of employment with the consulate as well.

Final thoughts

Getting a student visa through the Canadian consulate is not a difficult job if you have all the necessary documents handy. If you are not sure what more you need to study abroad in Canada, get in touch with an overseas study consultant. A professional will guide you with the document requirement and get the certificates notarized for you.

Study in Italy

How to Study Italian: 5 Tried and Tested Methods

Nowadays, learning an extra skill is always a plus point for better growth in one’s career. These skills can be related to any field of human knowledge. You may learn coding, music, machine learning or anything else. But, wouldn’t it be better if these extra skills happen to assist you in more than one way. What we mean is that you gain some practical use from this extra skill.

Learning a new language can be counted as one such skill. While getting hold of a new language, we get to know more about their outlook and way of thinking. If you are going to the world class tourist destination, Italy, for any purpose, then, learning Italian language is a must go for you. Below, we have listed the top five resources from where you can easily learn the language of art.

  1. – The online courses are gaining their importance more frequently than we may think of. We may gain the knowledge of anything and everything through these available online courses. Duolingo is one such app that has proven its utility in the field of learning a language in a fun and interactive manner.
    Whether you are a beginner or just want to polish your skills, the app has everything for you. Small and engaging Italian learning classes will help you in learning the language. The interest is made by the use of fun games and interactive classes by experts. You can begin from regular light classes and then, go to serious learning. Within a month, you’ll surely gain huge command on the language.
  2. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci – This method is best suited for them who want to learn Italian in Italy only. This institution has plenty of institutions in the most famous cities of Italy. You can learn Italian through their schools in Florence, Milan, Rome and a few more cities. They have several categories of courses from where one may choose accordingly. You may go for group classes or individual lessons, long term classes or crash courses. The schools provide a learning atmosphere and a curious person would surely learn the best from the teachers.
  3. – Udemy has already set up itself as a great name in the domain of leaning any new business or technology related skill. But, it is known to only few of us that we can also learn new languages like Italian on this great platform. They have top educators with an experience of over a decade. You’ll be taught online and the video lessons will be there with you for the lifetime. Users ratings will help you more in selecting the best course for yourself.
  4. – Here is another great institution for those willing to learn Italy in abroad. They have their training classes in Bologna, Florence, Milan and other cities of Italy. The classes are highly communicative and you’ll be given practice classes with local people to sharpen your learning. You are made to speak in Italian from the very first day and thus, lay a firm foundation of learning. Check out their website and select the best course for you.
  5. – Another great online platform for learning a new skill or language. Search the language on their website and you’ll find various courses on the topic. You may opt for not only specific learning classes, but may also learn another skill in Italian; this will give you a great practice. The one month trial offer is also there for your assistance.

These are the best methods, both online or offline, for you to learn Italian. Feel free to explore their websites and select the best one for you.

Study in Italy

10 Reasons to Visit Italy

Looking for an amazing vacation to a European country? Or willing to give your child the best of foreign education? Or want to admire the best architecture across the globe? The answer to these and a lot of tourist questions is just a simple one. Italy. Yes, Italy is such a country that is full of wonders, whether it is architectural or historical and it is a lifetime experience to witness all these wonders of beauty, all at one place.

Still not convinced? Let us help you by providing the best of reasons to visit Italy.

  1. Great Historical Significance – Italy is a land having various events of historical importance associated with it. The phenomenon like the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution and Fascism originated from here only and made a great global impact. It is full of historical evidences and the sites like Saint Mark’s Basilica and Paestum are nothing less than a treat to all the lovers of history.
  2. Architecture – Name any big city in Italy like the Milan, Rome, Venice or Florence and you’ll find a great number of architectural wonders surrounding the whole city. Duomo Di Milano, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica and a lot more are there all over the great country. And not to mention, we also have one of the seven wonders at the heart of the nation as well. All this make it a perfect destination to all the lovers of medieval art lovers.
  3. Education – The Universities and educational institutions in Italy are far advanced then any other nation. The University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome and University of Padua are ranked among the best ones across the globe. These provide quality education along with periodic field trips for a wholesome academic experience. These have the best faculty to teach art, literature, history, business and a lot more subjects. This is the reason that hundreds of students across the globe come to Italy to lighten their careers.
  4. Milan – The Fashion Capital: Milan is rightfully the fashion capital of Italy. It is the business hub along with the birthplace and shelter to a number of art forms. The city is well known for its ever-prospering fashion industry. The fashion designing skills of the local art workers is just out of the world and attracts a huge number of tourists to themselves. It is the economic hub of Italy and a lot of business ventures operate from here only.
  5. Italian Delicacies – The Italian food is widely famous all around the world for its great taste. You won’t find any city where the people have not developed the taste of pizza or pasta. Italian cuisine has originated from the Mediterranean cuisine and then adopted by the whole world due to its cooking methods and taste. The most loved thing about the Italian food is it’s simplicity. It is more about the quality of lesser ingredients used rather than the complex cooking methods. Dairy products, meat products and cheese cuisines, all are top notch in Italy and one must try the local food while visiting Italy.
  6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa – This is the major attraction in Italy for all the tourists. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and expects millions of tourists in just one year. The tower began to lean over the construction in the 12th Century due to the weak foundation and after several alterations, we still have a 4 degree lean in the tower and it is the major point of astonishment. Since its construction, the great monument has withstand a total of 4 strong earthquakes and still is standing strong.
  7. Church in Italy – Italy is full of religious practices and culture as well. The people are religiously liberal and highly welcoming in nature. The most famous churches include Florence Cathedral, Milan Cathedral and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Saint Basilica in Vatican City is the most renowned church in Italy and its tomb is well-suited with the skyline of Italy. According to recent studies, more than 70 percent of the Italians were counted as Catholics and thus, it’s a no surprise that there are many great churches in the country. Thus, the Christmas time is the best time to visit Italy, at that time; the Churches are highly decorated and attract a great number of tourists.
  8. Land of Several Diverse Festivals – The Italians keeps themselves greatly indulged in cultural celebrations and festivals as well. And there are many fairs and festivals that are celebrated in the streets and large parades are carried out. The Carnevale and Oh bej! Oh bej! Are celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. There are parades conducted in every next street of Italy and all the houses are decorated with beautiful flowers. The battle of Oranges is another great battle fair in which people fight with oranges and celebrate the feeling of liberty.
  9. Art Work – Italy is a home to various art forms. These forms are in the domain of dance, fashion, and design etcetera. Italy was the main center of artistic importance in the Renaissance period. Chimera of Arezzo, Gothic Art, Roman art and several other forms made their contribution to the culture of Italy and made it, what it is today. The world famous painting of Mona Lisa too has its roots from this great country.
  10. Peaceful and Mind-Calming Lakes – The nature has also showered it’s blessings on Italy to a great extent. Everything from the morning sunshine to the exotic skyline of Pisa is a therapy to one’s eyes and ears. And it is impossible for anyone to let go of this unmatchable beauty. The lakes are known as ‘Laghi’ in Italy. Lake Bolsena, Lake Ledro, Lake Lugano are some of the most admired lakes in the country.

These are the reasons which are enough to encourage anyone to visit Italy. We hope that we were able to give you the best places to visit in Italy.