Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand

This group of islands situated south-east of Australia, has 8 state-funded universities that provide international level education and attracts students overseas. All of these have been ranked in the top 100 universities time and again in various courses and schools. It provides education in English, Maori, and other professionally used languages. Here are three reasons to Study in New Zealand.

  1. The Excellent Education System

The education system in New Zealand is systematically planned and well structured with various schemes. Right from subsidizing students who complete a minimum of Early childhood education, to the rules of Zoning, free education in state schools, and Maori philosophy based curriculum, and the home learning for children with special abilities. All of this makes the education system in New Zealand quite notable.

Higher education or tertiary education in New Zealand can be completed through three mediums; the private vocational and industry training organizations, the Wananga that is the Maori teaching and research institutes that offer courses and degrees, right up to the doctoral level.

For international students, University-based education is no doubt the most appropriate option. Given such a well-designed education system, the opportunities and scholarships for international students are great. Moreover, the PhD education is not priced higher for international students.

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The scenic beauty in the hues of bright blues and greens is mesmerizing. Pleasant weather and the natural and cultural beauty make it a worthwhile place to be in. And as it is an island, you are only always a few hours drive away from the calming beaches of New Zealand. All accompanied with skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, Bungy jumping, and a lot more. The National Parks and the picturesque lakes, and waterfalls are major must-visits.

  1. Other Small Details

The other little things include the worldwide recognition of the universities, increasing the acceptability rate of your CV. The NZ universities rank in the top 3 per cent of universities of the world. The quality of life and standard of living is higher, and so also are the healthcare facilities better. Being a peaceful country, the multi-ethnicity of NZ is welcoming. The cost of living is affordable, and part-time job opportunities are better.

Study Overseas Help

Applying to study in a country like New Zealand might sound easy as there are only 8 options to choose from, but seeking professional help in the procedure makes it easy, and takes you a mile ahead. Study Overseas Help is a consultancy that specializes in guiding students at each step in the process of applying to study abroad.

It all starts with counselling students regarding the selection of courses and universities and then gathering the documents to apply for admission. Preparing the student for language and entrance tests, helping with profile building are the next steps. Applying for Visas, student loans, and scholarships is guided along with the provision of information on travel and living expenses.

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Study in New Zealand

Is New Zealand is a Good Place to Study?

New Zealand is a quiet, picturesque, and tranquil island country tucked away in the south western Pacific Ocean. While not known to be as famous among international students as the United Kingdom or the United States, New Zealand is actually a quite desirable country for students seeking an education abroad. In fact, a staggering 90,000 students from different countries come to study in New Zealand every year, and the NZ government intends to double this intake to 180,000 students in the next five years. This is good news for those who intending to study in New Zealand. A study in New Zealand for Indian students is therefore a realisable dream now.

• Excellent Living Conditions

But many ask the question that whether New Zealand is a good place to study or not. New Zealand is perhaps one of the most underrated countries in the world. But it is a country that lets its development, high standards of quality of life, education, protection of civil liberties, government transparency, and economic freedom as well as its advanced market economy talk for itself. The country ranks third in the Index of Economic Freedom, and is a high income economy, with a major tourism sector and a welcoming population.

• Friendly and Welcoming Society

If that is not good enough for you, the country intends to double the intake of international students like we said above. A large number of Indian students also study and live in New Zealand. The country also ranks highly for its social tolerance, low crime rates and democratic values. It is therefore a warm and welcoming place for people coming from other countries. So New Zealand checks this box as well.

• Excellent Education System

Now let us talk about its education system, which is again counted among the best in the world. Getting your education in New Zealand can go a long way to turning your life into a success story. The efficiency of the New Zealand education system is evident from the fact that 99% of the adult population of the country is literate, and their educational set up is ranked as the seventh best in the world, with students performing exceptionally well in reading, mathematics and science. All the universities in New Zealand are also ranked among the top 500 universities in the QS World University Rankings. Studying in New Zealand is therefore a great career choice to make.

• Affordable Studies and Cost of Living

New Zealand is one of the most educated countries in the world. But studying in New Zealand has another incentive- it is not very expensive. New Zealand also invests heavily in its education sector, making the country not only extremely beautiful, but also one of the most student friendly nations in the world. Besides, another one of the many benefits of studying in New Zealand is the fact that as a service based economy with a small population, there are plenty of jobs in the country. New Zealanders, as the people of New Zealand are known, are also very friendly and welcoming.

New Zealand has a small population, and the fact that its economy is based on the service sector makes it pretty lucrative and easy for students to find part-time jobs. This also makes it comparatively easy to find and secure jobs in New Zealand. Applying for a New Zealand work visa is also easy and manageable. You can apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa, which can allow to stay in New Zealand permanently. Work in New Zealand can therefore be found easily and which can also let you secure citizenship in New Zealand.

All of these incentives should sufficiently answer your question. To be precise, New Zealand is an excellent place to study, and you should not let the opportunity of studying pass by!