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Why Study in Canada: The Top 6 Reasons to Know

Are you planning to travel abroad for your higher education? Do you want to study in Canada? Canada is currently holding the first position globally with regards to overseas education. Universities in Canada dedicatedly provide students with courses that the top educators internationally approve of the world.

6 Reasons to Study in Canada

If you wonder about the reasons behind studying abroad in Canada, we have 6 reasons to choose Canada as your overseas education destination.

  1. Learn Amidst the Brightest and Talented Students of the World:

Canada holds the position of a global leader regarding education quality, faculty, and student talents. Educators here are trained to deliver diversified perspectives of education to their classes. In Canadian universities, every second academic out of 5 possess a minimum of one international degree. Canada is the country that is home to the top 10 universities of 250 global universities.

No doubt Canada is one of the best places for overseas education.

  1. Everyone is Welcome Here:

Canada is one of the few countries where every international student is welcome. It is one of the most student-friendly countries in teh world.

It is a unique country with a multicultural society that welcomes diverse cultures. Moreover, experts say that Canada is renowned globally as one of the safest countries for international candidates.

  1. Quality of Life:

The lifestyle of people in Canada is very high. Canada ranks as the number one country in the world that qualifies for the highest quality of lifestyle. Students proclaim Canada as the best place to reside and work. 4 major cities in Canada hold top ranks among 100 cities worldwide for being student-friendly.

  1. Path to a Bright Future:

Courses offered by Canadian universities are research and future-centric. The way of teaching over here focuses on building world leaders. Reports on international and domestic students graduating from Canadian universities show that graduates complete their courses with relevant earning potentials.

Did you know that Canada has created more than 1.6 million jobs for graduates in a decade? Education in Canada promises a bright future for the students.

  1. Affordable Education:

One of the biggest apprehensions about overseas education lies with the affordability of courses. When you plan to study in Canada, you enroll yourself for the courses with the lowest tuition fees among all English-speaking countries in the world. Furthermore, the cost of living is also student-friendly over here.

  1. Experience During the Course:

Canada offers different experiences during an overseas education course:

  1. You enjoy a multicultural society here.
  2. The country offers a diverse climate and nature.
  3. As you study here, you get a scope of working part-time in companies and gather experience until you pass.

All these experiences and adventures pave the way to preparing students for a new lifestyle.

Final thoughts on choosing Canada as a preferred destination for overseas education

Canada offers a welcoming environment to international students from different corners of the globe. Not only does the country offers quality education and life, but it also extends warmth.

Studying in Canada is full of benefits for students. On the one hand, you enjoy the abundance of nature, wildlife and cultural diversity. On the other, you have a promising career when you travel to Canada for your higher education.

Overseas Education Study Abroad Study in Canada

5 Best Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada or the True North has some of the best universities in the world. The top 4 universities in Canada hold the highest position among 100 leading global universities as per the Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking of 2020.

Each of these institutions is an expert in offering exceptional quality of education to international students.

Have you already obtained your study permit or student visa in Canada? Are you still confused about applying to the right Canadian university?

Before you take a step ahead and apply, first determine whether you wish to study in French or English. The top 5 universities in Canada offer the best courses in either English or French, depending on the location of the institution you chose.

The Top 5 Universities in Canada

  1. University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto held the 18th position in the 2020 list for top universities globally as per The Times Higher Education. It is the best university in Canada, with a diverse campus welcoming thousands of international students every year from 160 different countries.

The university operates on a collegiate system that focuses on innovation and research. It is the place where Nobel Laureate Frederick Banting discovered insulin.

  1. University of British Columbia:

UBS is the second-best Canadian university of the top 10 and holds the 34th rank in the global list. The university owes its rank to its research-based educational process, available scholarships for international students, and eminent alumni.

The campuses of Kelowna and Vancouver under UBC welcome internal students in thousands from different corners of the globe every year. The climate in British Columbia makes it one of the preferred destinations in Canada for overseas education.

  1. McGill University of Montreal:

The McGill University of Montreal holds the third rank in Canada and 42nd rank globally for being the best university in Canada for overseas education by Times Higher Education. It is the only university in Canada that represented Global University Leaders in the World Economic Forum.

McGill University is the celebrated medical college in Canada to have the first medical faculty in the country. The university offers over 300-degree courses to 31000+ students from 150 different countries. Apart from conducting its courses in French, it is one of the 3 academic institutions in Quebec that offer courses in English, making it ideal for overseas students.

  1. McMaster University:

McMaster University holds the 4th rank in Canada and 72nd rank among global universities. This university is only 1 hours’ drive from Toronto.

International students who seek top-quality medical education belong to McMaster University. The university has both faculties and students from more than 90 countries. It even runs international student exchange programs, having over 70 students every year. The reputation of the institution lies in its research-based education and innovation in health sciences.

  1. University of Montreal:

The Montreal University holds the 5th rank in Canada and 85th global rank but is the only university for francophone in Canada. 74% of the students here specifically enroll for undergraduate programs every year.

The university is well-known for its sports activities like hockey, football, etc. It is also famous for its contribution to business graduation and scientific researches.


Canada is already one of the most preferred destinations among international students for overseas education. With the list of top universities in Canada, the choice can become easier for your application. Understand your point of interest in studies and apply to universities accordingly.

Overseas Education Study Abroad Study in Canada

What are the Requirements to Study in Canada?

Canada is a peaceful and beautiful country located to the north of the United States of America. One of the most powerful countries in the world, Canada has become a beacon to the world in growing economically, culturally and politically and yet maintaining a balance between development and empathy towards nature.

Along with the social and economic development, the educational system in Canada has also become one of the best in the world. A large number of students from around the world come to study in Canada and benefit from the excellent institutions, top class faculty and industry oriented course designs. Besides, Canada also has high standards of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, and economic freedom, making it a great place to live and work in. A large Indian population also lives in Canada. All these make Canada an excellent choice for studying, and a large number of students visit study in Canada consultants in order secure an opportunity to study in the country. But before you decide to visit an educational consultant, you should prepare well and meet all the requirements for studying in Canada.

  1. Get a Good Score in a Language Test

Most foreign universities ask for a good score in a language test. Because the medium of teaching in Canada is English, you must produce a good test score in an English language proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL etc. You should check which test are considered valid in the university you are applying in, and appear in that test accordingly. Most universities in Canada accept an IELTS test score of 6 and above.

  1. Keep your Documents Handy

Most foreign universities have their own systems of weighing qualifying marks and verifying documents. You should also check with the university about the documents you will need to produce. Most universities in Canada require you to produce marks transcripts of your qualifying exams or an equivalency certificate from the qualifying institute.

  1. Keep your References Ready

Some courses in Canadian universities, especially those where admissions are held all year round like doctorate courses, require you to furnish reference letters. Reference letters are to be written by a teacher or a professor or a senior that you studied or worked under in order to vouch for your capabilities. You should therefore stay in touch with some of your previous teachers because you might have to ask them to write a reference letter for you.

  1. Prepare and Outline your Objectives

Admission to some courses, especially doctorates and masters courses require you to write cover letters or statements of purpose. These are statements written by the candidates themselves, outlining their aims and objectives for studying a particular course in Canada. Some courses also require you to produce a research outline. You should be ready to write all these.

  1. Visa Requirements

Canada student visa process is a tad different from other countries. Before beginning your studies, you will have to obtain a Study Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) from the department of Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC). The Study Permit is not a student visa, but a permit or a document which allows you to study in Canada. Getting a Student Permit requires that you have secured admission in a Canadian university and have ensured that you can afford to stay in Canada. Further information about these prerequisites can be found on the respective institutional websites. Indian students can also avail the Student Direct Scheme (SDS) which helps secure the Study Permit in under a month.

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Study in Canada for Indian Students: The Basics You Need to Know

Canada has grown into one of the most preferred destinations for overseas education amongst Indians. If you want to study in Canada and settle abroad with job prospects, we have some information every aspirant should know.

Why is Canada a Suitable Destination for Overseas Education for Indians?

Before you decide to study in Canada, understand what benefits you can get as an Indian in that country.

  1. Education and lifestyle are affordable in Canada.
  2. The country offers a high standard of living to people settling there.
  3. Canada is home to the top global universities, holding high ranks in the Times Higher Education Universities list.
  4. French and English had been official Canadian languages until recently the country added Punjabi as its third language. Naturally, language is not a barrier here for Indian students.
  5. The Prospect and rate of employment are quite high in the country.
  6. The universities of Canada follow one of the best education systems in the world that encourages multicultural mixing, research-based education, and innovation.

What Do You Need to Study in Canada?

While you plan to continue your higher education in Canada, it is worth understanding the country’s requirements from students.

The educational requirement varies with the courses and university you choose for your higher education. However, there are certain standard prerequisites of all the universities:

ComponentsAnnual Expenses per year
(in CAD)
Tuition fees (varies with university and courses chosen)7,000 – 35,000
On Campus accommodation8,000 – 10,000
Off campus accommodation (varies with cities, outskirts, personal or shared accommodation)4,800 – 24,000
Cost of Living (food, communication, transportation, daily supplies, books, etc.)6,000 – 10,000
Health and Insurance300 – 800

Getting a Scholarship in Canada

If you are a deserving student, you can always secure a scholarship from universities in Canada for your overseas education. However, when you apply for a scholarship, here are a few points you need to remember-

• A student needs to achieve a scholarly mark in their previous degree to get approval for a scholarship grant from the chosen university. However, the required score varies with universities, courses, and the level where you apply.
• The grant amount varies with universities.
• Students need to apply for the scholarship money at least 8-12 months before initiation of the course they apply for.

If you face financial issues to continue with your education in Canada, you can always opt for an education loan from financial institutes.

Top 5 Universities in Canada for Overseas Education

Before you apply to study in Canada, here is the list of the top 5 universities to apply to in Canada for your reference.

  1. University of Toronto
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. University of Montreal
  4. McGill University Montreal
  5. McMaster University

Documents Required for Student Visa in Canada

Once your application for overseas education gets approved by one of the universities in Canada, you need to initiate your student visa application. Here are the basic documents every candidate needs to submit with the consulate to process their visa-

  1. Valid Passport (old and new with a minimum of 2-years validity)
  2. Institute’s acceptance letter or proof
  3. Bank state or other fund proofs with a minimum balance of CAD 10,000 for each year of your stay in Canada.
  4. Passport size photographs (35cmx45cm)
  5. IME or Immigration Medical Examination 1 week before the initiation of visa application.
  6. Proof of English Language Proficiency Exam (IELTS / TOEFL)
  7. Statement of Purpose (document proof for your intend of application)
  8. Visa application fees of CAD 160 through credit cards only.

These are the basic information every aspirant should know before applying to Canada for overseas education.

Study in Canada

Top Universities in Canada 2022 for International Students

Canada has always maintained its educational standards and constantly implemented modern techniques in the education system to keep up the standards. The country attracts a large number of students every year to pursue an education in Canadian universities. The universities in Canada offer UG, PG, and Ph.D. degrees.

For Indian students, Canada has always been the favorite study abroad destination. The country offers cheaper education options compared to the US and other countries around. Besides that, the application process is simpler, and the country also offers permanent residency to its international students.

The country has some of the world’s top-most universities. And, around thirty Canadian universities are acknowledged best in the world. If you are the one or on the brink of study in Canada, we have crafted here the list of top universities in Canada.

So, let us move to our list of the Top Universities in Canada 2022 for International Students…

  1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto once again managed to bag the top position this year. The global ranking is 25th, and the university overall rose four places in the year’s rankings. In academic reputation, the university is placed in the 15th position.

This was the first university founded in “Upper Canada,” and seven colleges with varied history and traditions come under this university. The Church of England initially managed the university.

  1. McGill University

The university located in Montreal proudly bagged the second position this year. The McGill University raised four places and placed in the 31st position. The university has a prestigious history of twelve Novel Laureates and 145 Rhodes Scholars; the current Canadian prime minister is also among the university alumni.

The university was established in 1821, and it is the only university in Canada that represented Global World’s Economic Forum. The university conducts more than three-hundred courses for more than thirty-thousand students worldwide.

  1. University of British Columbia

The university raised places this year and ably placed at the top three positions in Canada and 45th position in the world. According to the academic reputation indicator, the university focuses on innovation and challenges the status quo and is placed at the 28th position.

It is one of the oldest and the most competitive university in the country. The university has two campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna, respectively. The campuses have beautiful botanical gardens and renowned art centers.

  1. University of Montreal

The university overtakes the University of Alberta in 2021 and bagged a fourth place in Canada. The courses are conducted in French, and this public university is known for its research courses. The University of Montreal was founded in 1978 and second-largest university in the country.

  1. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta slides down six places this year, having 199th world ranking. The four campuses of the university efficiently make it a home of 40,000 students every year globally. The university managed to bag the highest score this year in the international faculty indicator. The university is located in Edmonton and acknowledged globally for its agriculture, social sciences, and medicine courses.

  1. McMaster University

The university is placed at the 144th position in the world and has dropped four places this year. The university has scored the highest international faculty indicator this year and placed at the 83rd position. The university is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and globally acknowledged for its medical school. The university also takes pride in being the top-three research-based university in Canada.

  1. University of Waterloo

The university has maintained its seventh place in the country but managed to rise seven places globally in university rankings. The university bagged joins 166th rank in 2021, and performed magnificently in employer reputation indicator, and placed at 85th place worldwide. The university is considered one of the most innovative universities in the country and is also reputed for its fantastic co-op courses and experimental learning.

  1. Western University

Western University ably climbed eight places up in 2021 and placed at joint 203rd position in the world’s university rankings. The university was established in 18 and renowned for its research based programs. The university ably offers around courses for 38,000 students from 121 countries. The university performance in employers’ reputation indicators and citations per faculty is extraordinary.

  1. Queen’s University

The university dropped seven places this year and placed at 9th in Canada and 246th in the world’s university rankings. The university is at the 99th position in employer reputation indicator. The Queen’s University is located in Kingston, Ontario, and around 24,000 students pursue an education in the university. 91% of the graduates from the university get employed within the six months after completing the course.

  1. University of Calgary

The university has dropped 13th places this year. But it still makes it in the top ten universities in Canada; globally, the university is placed at the 246th position. The university earns the highest international faculty indicator and is ranked at 212th place in the world. The university was established in 1944 as another branch of the University of Alberta in Calgary. But later, it became an independent university, having more than 33,000 students and five campuses.

The Final Words

The universities in Canada provide high employability to their students, and they offer courses and study programs in almost all fields and subjects. You will never regret pursuing education in Canadian universities.

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Popular Study Abroad Destinations for UG and PG Courses

Education overseas is one of the lifetime opportunities to enhance your academic, professional, and social skills. Universities around the world have seen a constant rise in Indian students in the last couple of decades. The reason can be the Indian employers, and MNCs globally appreciates UG and PG degrees from top international universities.

Every year, Indian students are constantly searching for the best destinations abroad for UG and PG courses in international universities. Keeping this in mind, we have created a Popular Study Abroad Destinations for UG and PG Courses.

These popular study abroad destinations will surely make your dream into reality in 2021.

  1. Study in USA

The USA is proud of having a maximum number of educational institutions, and the country offers a wide range of courses and study programs to its students. Studying in US universities is a lifetime experience. Some of the world’s best universities and institutions are found in the country.

A large number of students around the world fly to the US to get benefited from universities there. Moreover, the country attracts students because of scholarships and financial aid provided to students worldwide. The universities impart any latest happening or new technology in their curriculum to provide state-of-art education.

Students are also encouraged to work during their study duration to acquire practical knowledge and skills. The flexible higher-studies allow to change their course or institution during their study duration. The US universities are flooded with various UG and PG courses; some of the most popular are in the field of – Business, Management, Science, Engineering, Economics, Life Sciences, Tourism, and Hospitality.

  1. Study in UK

The UK is always famous for its education system and quality courses all over the world. The UK universities also offer a short duration course, which saves your study expenses; moreover, many universities run scholarship programs for their international students. Many short UG courses of two years and PG courses of one year attracts thousands of students globally.

These short courses are helpful to create financially independent professionals. The UK universities focus on developing various skills of the students, thanks to its self-learning approach. This not only makes students independent but also creates their job market value.

The country also offers post-study work opportunities, and students can enjoy the stay-back of two years after completing their course. Engineering, Business, Arts, Economics, Architecture, Computer Science, History, and Law are some of the popular UG and PG courses in the UK.

  1. Study in Canada

Canada is the most friendly country in the world, which is not only famous for its quality education but also known for highly ranked universities. The affable environment welcomes international students with open arms and creates a safe environment. The cosmopolitan culture of the country encourages students to enjoy their study duration at its best.

The co-programs are devised in such a fashion that students can get practical exposure in their fields besides getting classroom knowledge. The duration of these co-program ranges between twelve to seventeen weeks, which kickstart students’ professional life. The famous UG and PG courses in Canada are – Engineering, Business, Life Sciences, Sports, Aviation, Tourism, Humanities, and Hospitality.

  1. Study in Australia

Australia is another most popular study abroad destination. The vibrant nature and social life with the acknowledged education make the country one of the finest destination for pursuing education. The courses are designed in a way to enhance the overall student’s personality and offer them all-round development.

The Australian universities open up your ways to achieve the much needed academic success. Many Australian universities provide the best research facilities, which are important for developing skills. Moreover, Indian qualifications are appreciated in Australia, which is why you can find many students from India in Australian universities.

The exciting stay-back options after completing the courses are another reason to pursue an education in the country. This will help in developing the career soon after completing the course. Some of the most popular UG and PG courses offered in Australian universities are – Information Technology, Education, Engineering, Law, Communications, Arts, Humanities, Health Sciences, Hospitality, and Tourism.

  1. Study in France

France is globally recognized for its cuisine, culture, and wine. The historical rich country, cultural traditions, and beautiful landscapes provide a divine experience while studying in the country.

There is almost no or minimal tuition fee for international students. You can pursue many creative and professional UG & PG courses in French universities. Thirty-nine universities of the country are on the list of global ranking of quality education.

The country also provides you the chance to learn the French language. The country allows its international students to work part-time to minimize study expenses. Some of the most famous UG & PG courses offered in French universities are – History, Architecture, Arts, Computer Science, Archeology, Fashion, Business, Tourism, and Hospitality.


Employers all over the world are seeking candidates having international exposure. So, when you have an international degree in your kitty, you surely enjoy the competitive advantage over others.