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Top 10 Reasons to Study in the USA

The United States of America is perhaps the country most dreamed about by people all over the world. But it is not only a land of freedom and opportunity, but it is also an ideal place for anyone wanting to study abroad. This is because USA is not only one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world, but the highly efficient and sought after US education system attracts people from all over the world to study in USA. The education system in USA has the distinction of producing some of the best minds and professionals, and that’s why a study in USA for Indian students is considered a prestigious opportunity. A USA education is a chance to strengthen your resume to make it possible for you to secure a great job anywhere in the world.

But if you are still not convinced, let us list for you the top ten reasons to study in the USA-

  1. Top Class Education System

Studying in the USA equips a student with the skills and experiences to be successful in life. This is a result of the proficiency of the education system in USA, which can be gauged from the fact that USA has been ranked first in the world for breadth and quality of higher education.

  1. Work with the Best Minds

The US has always attracted the best of minds from all over the world, be it scientists, engineers, doctors or sociologists, everyone wants to go the US for work because of the freedoms that the US offers. As a result, US has gathered the most brilliant minds from around the world, and by studying in the country, you can get a chance to work with some of these great intellectuals.

  1. Best Educational Institutes

The majority of the world’s top universities as listed by numerous ranking organizations are in the US. Some of the top universities in the US include Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Columbia University and Tufts University. All of these are famous all around the world for their quality education and for producing some of the most learned minds in recent times.

  1. The Most Popular Country There is

For international students, USA is the most popular country in the world for studying. In fact, 16% of all international students go to the US for studies.

  1. Feel at Home

For Indian students, studying in USA is an experience of a life time. And what is even better is the fact that you will feel at home among your own people as a huge Indian diaspora lives in the US.

  1. Various Funding Opportunities

Among the many benefits of studying in USA is the large number of grants and scholarships available to students for studying in America which makes paying the expenses easier. Some of these are the Fulbright- Nehru Fellowships, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship and the AAUW International Fellowships. Besides, there are also flexible options for part time work in the US.

  1. Multi-Cultural, Multi-Ethnic Society

People from literally every culture in the world live in the US- be it Asians, Latin Americans, Europeans, Russians, Arabs, Africans, you will find people from every race and every ethnicity living and working in the US. It is not for nothing that US is known as the ‘melting pot’ of the world. Where else would you find a chance to live and study among such a diverse and culturally rich society?

  1. Live in Great Cities

The universities in the US are located in some of the most famous and greate cities in the world like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Texas, Houston etc. By studying in the US, you will get a chance to see and live in these fabulous cities that most only dream of seeing.

  1. Find Work Anywhere in the World

Getting your education in the US will turn you into a sought after professional as degrees from US universities are recognized and accepted as best in the business around the world because of their excellence. Also, US is home to different sectors like scientific research, law, medicine, engineering, innovation, entrepreneurship, transport, retail and everything else that you can think of. So there are lots of opportunities to find work in the US, provided you are willing to work hard.

  1. Easy Visa Securing Process

The kind of student visa you have to secure for studying in USA depends on your age and the level of study you are planning to pursue. The process is very easy and the fees are very nominal. The USA student visa fees come to about 20,000 rupees.

Study Abroad

Popular Study Abroad Destinations for UG and PG Courses

Education overseas is one of the lifetime opportunities to enhance your academic, professional, and social skills. Universities around the world have seen a constant rise in Indian students in the last couple of decades. The reason can be the Indian employers, and MNCs globally appreciates UG and PG degrees from top international universities.

Every year, Indian students are constantly searching for the best destinations abroad for UG and PG courses in international universities. Keeping this in mind, we have created a Popular Study Abroad Destinations for UG and PG Courses.

These popular study abroad destinations will surely make your dream into reality in 2021.

  1. Study in USA

The USA is proud of having a maximum number of educational institutions, and the country offers a wide range of courses and study programs to its students. Studying in US universities is a lifetime experience. Some of the world’s best universities and institutions are found in the country.

A large number of students around the world fly to the US to get benefited from universities there. Moreover, the country attracts students because of scholarships and financial aid provided to students worldwide. The universities impart any latest happening or new technology in their curriculum to provide state-of-art education.

Students are also encouraged to work during their study duration to acquire practical knowledge and skills. The flexible higher-studies allow to change their course or institution during their study duration. The US universities are flooded with various UG and PG courses; some of the most popular are in the field of – Business, Management, Science, Engineering, Economics, Life Sciences, Tourism, and Hospitality.

  1. Study in UK

The UK is always famous for its education system and quality courses all over the world. The UK universities also offer a short duration course, which saves your study expenses; moreover, many universities run scholarship programs for their international students. Many short UG courses of two years and PG courses of one year attracts thousands of students globally.

These short courses are helpful to create financially independent professionals. The UK universities focus on developing various skills of the students, thanks to its self-learning approach. This not only makes students independent but also creates their job market value.

The country also offers post-study work opportunities, and students can enjoy the stay-back of two years after completing their course. Engineering, Business, Arts, Economics, Architecture, Computer Science, History, and Law are some of the popular UG and PG courses in the UK.

  1. Study in Canada

Canada is the most friendly country in the world, which is not only famous for its quality education but also known for highly ranked universities. The affable environment welcomes international students with open arms and creates a safe environment. The cosmopolitan culture of the country encourages students to enjoy their study duration at its best.

The co-programs are devised in such a fashion that students can get practical exposure in their fields besides getting classroom knowledge. The duration of these co-program ranges between twelve to seventeen weeks, which kickstart students’ professional life. The famous UG and PG courses in Canada are – Engineering, Business, Life Sciences, Sports, Aviation, Tourism, Humanities, and Hospitality.

  1. Study in Australia

Australia is another most popular study abroad destination. The vibrant nature and social life with the acknowledged education make the country one of the finest destination for pursuing education. The courses are designed in a way to enhance the overall student’s personality and offer them all-round development.

The Australian universities open up your ways to achieve the much needed academic success. Many Australian universities provide the best research facilities, which are important for developing skills. Moreover, Indian qualifications are appreciated in Australia, which is why you can find many students from India in Australian universities.

The exciting stay-back options after completing the courses are another reason to pursue an education in the country. This will help in developing the career soon after completing the course. Some of the most popular UG and PG courses offered in Australian universities are – Information Technology, Education, Engineering, Law, Communications, Arts, Humanities, Health Sciences, Hospitality, and Tourism.

  1. Study in France

France is globally recognized for its cuisine, culture, and wine. The historical rich country, cultural traditions, and beautiful landscapes provide a divine experience while studying in the country.

There is almost no or minimal tuition fee for international students. You can pursue many creative and professional UG & PG courses in French universities. Thirty-nine universities of the country are on the list of global ranking of quality education.

The country also provides you the chance to learn the French language. The country allows its international students to work part-time to minimize study expenses. Some of the most famous UG & PG courses offered in French universities are – History, Architecture, Arts, Computer Science, Archeology, Fashion, Business, Tourism, and Hospitality.


Employers all over the world are seeking candidates having international exposure. So, when you have an international degree in your kitty, you surely enjoy the competitive advantage over others.