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Best Study Abroad Programs in Italy for a Better Education

Most of the students willing to study in a different country prefer Italy over plenty other countries and their various colleges. The reasons might be the rich and cultural heritage of Italy, its exotic food, astonishing fairs or some other. But the main attraction for the students is the diversity of programs available for the foreign students.

The Universities in Italy like University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Padua and many others offer a great variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as PhD courses, both for their native students and the foreign ones. These programs are meant to provide you a wholesome knowledge about the subject you are interested in along with several practical applications.

In order to help you choose your study abroad program better, we have listed the five best programs available in Italy, for its foreign students.

  1. IES Abroad Milan Program – This is the highest rated program of foreign study in Italy. Milan is full of monuments and artifacts of the rich Italian culture, which makes it the best place for learning Art and Culture. You are free to choose from a variety of major subjects to include in your academic career, in Italian or any other language. The subjects include art, music, business, Italian language etcetera. The classes will be held mostly in Milan and as a part of the curriculum; periodic field trips are also arranged to places like Tuscany.
  2. Shadow Doctors Program in Europe – This is a multi-location program arranged in Europe for future healthcare doctors all around the World. The program is hosted by Atlantis and they believe that, as a doctor, a person must explore all the parts of human civilization and their lifestyle. This is the reason this program contains 120+ hours of clinical training in various parts of Europe. The program is carried out in Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Croatia. And the majorly covered subjects are Biology, Nursing, Chemistry, Healthcare etcetera.
  3. IES Abroad Rome – The Rome in Italy is full of art, literature and historic advancements. The places like Vatican and Forum are soothing for eyes as well as pretty knowledgeable at the same time. Due to the IES abroad program, students from any part of the globe can get their academic education from here. The available subjects are Anthropology, Classical studies, Music, Film making and many more. The best part is you can customize the subjects and duration as you like. You may get a full year program or a seasonal one.
  4. CET Italy Program – This program is hosted by CET. This program is laden with specializations of Italy, both culturally and socially. The students will be given proper guidance and one-to-one interaction with highly qualified teachers. The program can be carried out in CET Florence or CET Sienna. Both the places are warmly welcoming for new students and provide variety of majors like Business Studies, Finance, History, English etcetera. You may opt for homestay with local Italian families or may also share apartments with other foreign students. Field trips to Tuscany are a big plus, which help the students in exploring the city to a good extent.
  5. Study Abroad in Rome by John Cabot University – This program is hosted by John Cabot University and being a University of American origin, the credits are easily transferred to your college majors. Short term interactive classes, brainstorming sessions and periodic field trips allow the students to get to know Italian, as well as other cultures to a huge scale. The large number of available subjects includes Law, Literature, Political Science, Anthropology etcetera. JCU cares a lot for its students. Everything from airport pick-up to short time internships is provided. These are the best of study abroad programs available in Italy. You may select the program and subject as per your interest and enhance your learning by studying abroad.