Study in UK

Study in UK for Indian Students

A quote reads, ‘When you study abroad, every step is a learning experience.’ The United Kingdom comprising of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland is an island nation situated in Western Europe. The study opportunities attract a lot of students from India and other countries specifically for the Masters’ Degree.

Why the UK?

More than 20 universities are ranked in the top 200 universities as taken from the QS world rankings of 2020. This implies that the education in these universities is better, and so are the opportunities. A major reason Indians Study in UK is because of the high acceptance rates, standard of education, and the fame that comes attached to the university name.

The Top Universities Include

  1. Oxford, which is ranked first in arts and humanities
  2. Cambridge ranked third for engineering and technology
  3. St. Andrews famous for theology, philosophy, arts and humanities
  4. London School of Politics and economics

The Pros and Cons

  1. High ranking universities with great faculty, and courses.
  2. Tuition fees or university academic fees are known to be lesser than in countries like the US or Canada.
  3. Good healthcare, well-mannered people, overall a pleasant experience depending on the choice and location of the university.
  4. Expensive. Price tags follow you everywhere. But that does not guarantee quality. Right from restaurants to buying essentials, everything costs a huge lot. This though depends on which part you reside in.
  5. Not all universities provide quality education.
  6. Job opportunities post-study are very scarce; most opportunities are given to UK residents and Europeans.

Plans and Preparation

• Since the restaurants are expensive to dine in, prepare a small set of Kitchen essentials like an induction cooker, pan, a few vessels, and a box full of Indian masalas. Learn to cook, so that your daily meals are taken care of.
• Select the Universities carefully; just because the university is located in the UK does not mean that it is exceptional. Read up, enquire, and contact seniors if possible to know better about the education facility.
• If you are aiming to work in the UK, you need to shine out in the subject. But that still doesn’t guarantee a job. So keep fallback plans.
• Improve your command of the language, study regularly, work part-time for experience and finance management.
• For details about the document requirements for Visa application, test preparation and others, seek guidance from a consultancy.

Study Overseas Help

This consultancy can be a savior from the unending hassle that comes with studying abroad. Study Overseas Help, just like its name suggests, guides students at each step of the admission process. Right from counselling over course and university selection, to applying for Visas, travel guidance, and assistance with test preparation, resume and profile building, and student loans and scholarships.

They provide a detailed description of the Visa requirements, the top cities and colleges in the UK, scholarships, job opportunities, and cost of living in the UK. Visit their website right away to know more.