Study in Italy

10 Reasons to Visit Italy

Looking for an amazing vacation to a European country? Or willing to give your child the best of foreign education? Or want to admire the best architecture across the globe? The answer to these and a lot of tourist questions is just a simple one. Italy. Yes, Italy is such a country that is full of wonders, whether it is architectural or historical and it is a lifetime experience to witness all these wonders of beauty, all at one place.

Still not convinced? Let us help you by providing the best of reasons to visit Italy.

  1. Great Historical Significance – Italy is a land having various events of historical importance associated with it. The phenomenon like the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution and Fascism originated from here only and made a great global impact. It is full of historical evidences and the sites like Saint Mark’s Basilica and Paestum are nothing less than a treat to all the lovers of history.
  2. Architecture – Name any big city in Italy like the Milan, Rome, Venice or Florence and you’ll find a great number of architectural wonders surrounding the whole city. Duomo Di Milano, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica and a lot more are there all over the great country. And not to mention, we also have one of the seven wonders at the heart of the nation as well. All this make it a perfect destination to all the lovers of medieval art lovers.
  3. Education – The Universities and educational institutions in Italy are far advanced then any other nation. The University of Bologna, Sapienza University of Rome and University of Padua are ranked among the best ones across the globe. These provide quality education along with periodic field trips for a wholesome academic experience. These have the best faculty to teach art, literature, history, business and a lot more subjects. This is the reason that hundreds of students across the globe come to Italy to lighten their careers.
  4. Milan – The Fashion Capital: Milan is rightfully the fashion capital of Italy. It is the business hub along with the birthplace and shelter to a number of art forms. The city is well known for its ever-prospering fashion industry. The fashion designing skills of the local art workers is just out of the world and attracts a huge number of tourists to themselves. It is the economic hub of Italy and a lot of business ventures operate from here only.
  5. Italian Delicacies – The Italian food is widely famous all around the world for its great taste. You won’t find any city where the people have not developed the taste of pizza or pasta. Italian cuisine has originated from the Mediterranean cuisine and then adopted by the whole world due to its cooking methods and taste. The most loved thing about the Italian food is it’s simplicity. It is more about the quality of lesser ingredients used rather than the complex cooking methods. Dairy products, meat products and cheese cuisines, all are top notch in Italy and one must try the local food while visiting Italy.
  6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa – This is the major attraction in Italy for all the tourists. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and expects millions of tourists in just one year. The tower began to lean over the construction in the 12th Century due to the weak foundation and after several alterations, we still have a 4 degree lean in the tower and it is the major point of astonishment. Since its construction, the great monument has withstand a total of 4 strong earthquakes and still is standing strong.
  7. Church in Italy – Italy is full of religious practices and culture as well. The people are religiously liberal and highly welcoming in nature. The most famous churches include Florence Cathedral, Milan Cathedral and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Saint Basilica in Vatican City is the most renowned church in Italy and its tomb is well-suited with the skyline of Italy. According to recent studies, more than 70 percent of the Italians were counted as Catholics and thus, it’s a no surprise that there are many great churches in the country. Thus, the Christmas time is the best time to visit Italy, at that time; the Churches are highly decorated and attract a great number of tourists.
  8. Land of Several Diverse Festivals – The Italians keeps themselves greatly indulged in cultural celebrations and festivals as well. And there are many fairs and festivals that are celebrated in the streets and large parades are carried out. The Carnevale and Oh bej! Oh bej! Are celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. There are parades conducted in every next street of Italy and all the houses are decorated with beautiful flowers. The battle of Oranges is another great battle fair in which people fight with oranges and celebrate the feeling of liberty.
  9. Art Work – Italy is a home to various art forms. These forms are in the domain of dance, fashion, and design etcetera. Italy was the main center of artistic importance in the Renaissance period. Chimera of Arezzo, Gothic Art, Roman art and several other forms made their contribution to the culture of Italy and made it, what it is today. The world famous painting of Mona Lisa too has its roots from this great country.
  10. Peaceful and Mind-Calming Lakes – The nature has also showered it’s blessings on Italy to a great extent. Everything from the morning sunshine to the exotic skyline of Pisa is a therapy to one’s eyes and ears. And it is impossible for anyone to let go of this unmatchable beauty. The lakes are known as ‘Laghi’ in Italy. Lake Bolsena, Lake Ledro, Lake Lugano are some of the most admired lakes in the country.

These are the reasons which are enough to encourage anyone to visit Italy. We hope that we were able to give you the best places to visit in Italy.